1st ASEAN-Korea Academic Essay Contest 2016 for ASEAN and Korean Students.

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Application Deadline: 14th October 2016

Organized by ASEAN-Korea Centre and Korean Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), embarked on its journey towards further integration, has recently launched the ASEAN Community at the end of 2015, and will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary establishment next year. Amid these developments in ASEAN, the partnership between ASEAN and Korea continues to make remarkable progress in a wide range of areas including security, economy, and socio-culture. 2017 has been designated as the ASEAN-Korea Cultural Exchange Year by the leaders of ASEAN and Korea, and it is also when the ASEAN Culture House will be officially open.

Against this backdrop, the ASEAN-Korea Centre, an inter-governmental organization mandated to promote economic and socio-cultural cooperation between ASEAN and Korea, invites students both in ASEAN and Korea to share their perspectives and knowledge on the ASEAN-Korea relations and the ASEAN Community. These collective efforts by the future leaders of ASEAN and Korea will be a significant contribution towards a lasting and genuine partnership between ASEAN and Korea.

THEME (select one of the following three themes)

1. ASEAN in the past 50 years, and ASEAN-Korea relations in the next 50 years

Established in 1967, ASEAN is widely recognized as a successful model for regional integration. What factors have contributed to ASEAN’s remarkable achievements over the past 50 years, and what is the path that ASEAN and Korea need to take for a mutually beneficial partnership?

2. Where the ASEAN Community is Heading Towards: Challenges and Prospects

What kind of challenges lie ahead of the ASEAN Community and how can ASEAN successfully address them? What would a resilient, inclusive, people-oriented and people-centred community that ASEAN is heading towards, look like?

3. ASEAN-Korea Socio-cultural Partnership: Towards a Reciprocal Understanding

Ahead of the ASEAN-Korea Cultural Exchange Year and opening of the ASEAN Culture House in Busan in 2017, it is worth assessing the past and current developments of socio-cultural cooperation between ASEAN and Korea. What kind of cooperative efforts have there been, and what further actions must be taken for a better understanding among the peoples of ASEAN and Korea?


The contest is open to both ASEAN and Korean undergraduate and graduate students.


English or Korean

*Abstract for both English and Korean essays must be written in English.


Submission: 14 October 2016

Winner Announcement: 1 November 2016

Required Documents:

1) Essay

2) Abstract

3) Application form


English Korean
4,000 words (10 pages)
Times New Roman
12 points
1.5 interlinear
3,000 words (10 pages)
11 points
1.5 interlinear
*Abstract: 450 words / 1 page

– Essays must be submitted and formatted in Microsoft Word.

– In-text citations must be made in APA (sixth edition).


– 6 winning essays will be awarded, and will be printed in an AKC booklet that will be distributed regionally. Among those selected, essays that are written in English will also be printed in The Korea Herald, a major English Newspaper in Korea.

– Winners will be offered an opportunity for a study trip (4 nights/5 days) either to an ASEAN country or to Korea based on their nationalities:

a) Korean students – Visits to the ASEAN Secretariat, research institutes, and cultural sites in Indonesia

b) ASEAN students – Visits to the ASEAN-Korea Centre, universities, and cultural sites in Korea

*Travel expenses (airfare, accommodation, etc.) will be covered by the ASEAN-Korea Centre.


All eligible entries received will be assessed by a qualified panel of judges chosen by the ASEAN-Korea Centre.


– All requirements must be sent electronically by the submission deadline to

– About the plagiarism policy, refer to

– Essays must be written by one person. Co-authored essays are not accepted.

– Only original and unpublished essays will be considered for assessment.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the 1st ASEAN-Korea Academic Essay Contest

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