2015 Alberta/Edmonton – Docotral Research Fellowship for Austrian Researchers

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Application Deadline: June 15 2015

Country of origin: Austria
Target country: Canada
Area of study or research: Social Sciences, Psychology, Economics, Educational Science, Sociology, Law, Political Sciences, Other Social SciencesHumanities ,History, Archaeology, Linguistics and Literature, Philosophy, Ethics, Religion, Arts, Other HumanitiesArts
Type of grant: grants
Detailed type of grant: research grants
Funding: national
Target group: postgraduates
Funding organisation: The Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy
Duration: 12 months
Quota: 1 visit
Grant benefit paid: Monthly allowance 1,200.00 EUR
Own funds necessary. No travel costs subsidy from the BMWFW.

In addition the Wirth-Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies provides a subsidy between 1,000 and  6,000 CAN$ (depending on the exchange rate EUR-CAN$) for accommodation costs.

Funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (the former Federal Ministry of Science and Research) are NOT eligible. This regulation does not apply to OeAD lecturers.

Target group: highly qualified doctoral candidates who are enrolled in a doctoral or PhD program at an Austrian university.

Aim: support opf junior researchers and promotion of scientific cooperation.

Grant for studies and research for dissertations in social sciences and humanities as well as music and dramatic arts at the Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies at the University of Alberta/Edmonton.

The grant holder is expected to assist at the Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central Euroean Studies in administrative and organizational matters, especially in the organization of events, etc.

Courses may only be attended as guest students. The grant recipient will not be enrolled as a degree programme student.


Eligibility criteria:
– a diploma or master’s degree of an Austrian university or university of applied sciences
– current enrolment in a doctoral or PhD program at an Austrian university
which is predominantly funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of
Science, Research and Economy (i.e. students from private universities are not eligible)
– excellent English skills (e.g. TOEFL or comparable evidence)
– excellent computer skills
– no age limit: This program is, however, only intended for young researchers and
– the candidate has to wait for the grant notification before moving abroad
to the college site and must have spent the year of
application for most of its part in Austria (i.e. no stays abroad exceeding a period of 6 months!).
– candidates who have already received a post-graduate grant

Where to apply: www.scholarships.at

Application form: An application is ONLY possible electronically at www.scholarships.at
The application form must be filled in in English!

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the  Alberta/Edmonton – Docotral Research Fellowship

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