2015 Citi Mobile Challenge Asia Pacific (US $100,000 in cash awards)

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Application Deadline:
Citi has announced the launch of Citi Mobile Challenge in Asia Pacific, part of Citi’s drive to foster digital and mobile innovation in banking. Citi Mobile Challenge is a next-generation accelerator that comb
ines a virtual hackathon with an incubator, a worldwide network of FinTech experts and Citi’s unparalleled global sponsors and clients to discover solutions across more than 100 markets. Developers from Asia Pacific and around the world are invited to build innovative solutions that are capable of running on Citi’s digital platform globally.
Registration for the Challenge will begin on August 19, and selected participants will demonstrate their concepts at events in Bangalore, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sydney.
Citi will make available a variety of APIs from the bank and other leading financial and technology companies to help developers create real-world innovations that could function with existing Citi technology.
A panel of industry experts and financial technology leaders will evaluate the solutions at each event. Finalists compete for an opportunity to take their technologies into production with Citi’s support, a share of US $100,000 in cash awards, and a suite of services from Citi Mobile Challenge sponsors, including the opportunity to participate in accelerator programs and receive mentoring, office space and investment.
Citi Mobile Challenge in Asia Pacific follows successful launches in EMEA earlier this year and in Latin America and the U.S. in 2014. Across the three programs, Citi received nearly 2,000 submissions from more than 100 countries and hosted events in Buenos Aires, Bogotá,Silicon Valley, New York, Miami,
Nairobi, Jerusalem, Warsaw and London.
Citi is currently working with several top innovations from previous Challenges to launch pilot
solutions for consumer and business clients in various markets.
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