2015 Hiatt’s WOW fellowship program for Brandels Undergraduate Students.

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Hiatt’s WOW fellowship program is a highly competitive program that awards stipends to Brandeis undergraduates who pursue summer internships with organizations that are not be able to provide a salary.  By eliminating financial barriers that could preclude students from following their career interests, the WOW program encourages students to use the summer to explore career fields, gain new skills, and experience the World of Work.

Types of WOW Awards

There are several types of WOW awards.  Students will be considered for all appropriate sources of funding.

  1. Universal WOW for internships in any industry  ($3000 stipend)
  2. Louis D. Brandeis Legacy Fund for Social Justice WOW for internships with organizations addressing social inequalities.
  3. Judith Cossin Berkman ’59 Endowed Internship Fund in Social Work for direct experience in social work, 1 available annually.  ($5000 stipend)
  4. Theater WOW for an internship in the theater industry, 1 available annually. ($3000 stipend).
  5. Science WOW for an internship in lab science or technical writing, 1 available annually. ($3000 stipend)
  6. Alexander P. Heckler/Governor Ann Richards Internship Fund in Politics/Public Service  for public service internships in Washington, D.C., 1 available annually. ($3500 stipend)
  7. WOW also supports several, paid internships with premier social justice organizations who have reserved a slot exclusively for a Brandeis student

Eligibility & Restrictions

  • The internship must be:
    • unpaid
    • take place in the summer
    • at least 8 weeks in length
    • at least 200 hours of work
  • You must be enrolled as Brandeis undergraduate students in Fall 2015
    • First years, sophomores, juniors, and December 2015 grads are encouraged to apply
    • Students studying abroad in Fall 2015 are eligible to apply
    • BA/MA candidates must be returning as undergraduates in Fall 2015
  • Your internship must be your primary summer activity.



The WOW application has five components.
*Please CLICK HERE to view details for each application component.*

  1. An online application (essay questions, site info, biographical information)
  2. A letter of recommendation
  3. A resume
  4. A copy of your academic transcript
  5. A ‘letter of offer’ from your internship supervisor

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