2016 Bohdan Winiarski Scholarships in International Law for Polish Students

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Application Deadline 15th September 2015

The Lauterpacht Centre for International Law is pleased to announce the opening of a competition for two scholarships, funded by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London. The scholarships have been named after the Polish Judge and international lawyer, Bohdan Winiarski. The scholarships are primarily aimed at younger Polish scholars in the early years of their career and are intended to cover a research visit at the Lauterpacht Centre in 2016.

Scholarships must be used during the 2016 calendar year and the dates of the scholarship period need to fall within the Centre’s standard acceptance periods for visitors (based on academic terms and a summer research period). Candidates are required to stay in Cambridge and carry out their research for the whole scholarship period.  Candidates are responsible for making their own travel and accommodation arrangements (assistance may available from the University’s Accommodation

Scholarship Worth:

  • Each scholarship is worth £3000 (GBP) and is intended to cover the cost of the Centre fee, accommodation, maintenance and travel incurred during an 8-12 week research visit at the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law.
  • Any costs incurred in excess of the value of the scholarship are the responsibility of the candidate.



Candidates must comply with the following:

• have Polish citizenship;
• be fluent in Polish and English;
• be graduates of a Polish university (candidates should already hold a degree by the time of the application);
• be associated on a permanent basis with a Polish university or another well-established institution in Poland dealing with international law;
• specify a project on some aspect of international law (not including European law) on which they will work during their scholarship period. Preferably, the project should be published as a result of the visit;
• produce a report of their work in English at the end of their scholarship period.


Applications should consist of the following documents:

• the candidate’s CV (curriculum vitae);
• a sufficiently detailed (2-4 pages) description of the project they intend to work on whilst at the Centre;
• two letters of reference.

All documents should be provided in English, except for the letters of reference, which may be in either Polish or English. The letters of reference should be sent by post or e-mail directly by the referees. Both the application and references must be received by the date of the deadline. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applications should be sent to Dr Joanna Gomula by e-mail at or by post to Dr Joanna Gomula, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, 5-7 Cranmer Road, Cambridge CB3 9BL.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Bohdan Winiarski Scholarships in International Law 2016

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