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2016 European Parliament Europe Youth Event, Strasbourg France (20-21 May 2016)

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Application Deadline: December 31st 2015

The European Youth Event (EYE) will take place in the European Parliament seat in Strasbourg from 20-21 May 2016. It is a unique opportunity for thousands of young Europeans to make their voices heard.

During the event, they will exchange ideas and perspectives on youth-related issues, develop innovative solutions to crucial questions for the future and meet with European decision-makers and speakers with a wide range of professional experience.

At the same time the EYE will provide an opportunity to experience the rich cultural diversity within the European Union through the staging of various artistic performances and spectacles.

As follow-up, a report with the ideas discussed during the event will be made available to all Members of the European Parliament. As well, former EYE participants will have the opportunity to present the most concrete ideas produced by young people to a number of parliamentary committees and receive feedbacks from Members.

Who can take part?

Young Europeans aged between 16 and 30 years (on the starting date of the event), registered as a group of at least 10 people, coming from:

  • EU 28 Member states
  • Candidate countries (Albania, FYROM, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey)
  • Neighbouring countries (Armenia, Andorra, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Liechtenstein, Morocco, Moldova, Principality of Monaco, Norway, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine, Switzerland, San Marino)


The Programme:

The EYE 2016 will include a large variety of activities run under the motto “Together we can make a change” in a political, social and cultural sense.

Activities will focus on five main themes:

  • War and Peace: Perspectives for a Peaceful Planet
  • Apathy or Participation: Agenda for a Vibrant Democracy
  • Exclusion or Access: Crackdown on Youth Unemployment
  • Stagnation or Innovation: Tomorrow’s World of Work
  • Collapse or Success: New Ways for a Sustainable Europe

The two-day-event will offer:

  • Idea checks, political debates and workshops with European political decision-makers and high profile speakers from the business world and civil society
  • Ideas labs, digital games and other special formats
  • The YO!Fest (Youth Village and Festival) organised by the European Youth Forum
  • In- and outdoor concerts and performances during the event

How to take part?

  • Registration for taking part in the event will only be possible as a group of minimum 10 participants.
  • Groups can only be registered by their group leader, who will be responsible for the participants in their groups.
  • No individual registrations will be accepted.The group leader must be older than 18 years.

Registration Deadline:

  • Registration of groups is open until 31 December 2015 or until the maximum capacity (7.000 participants) of the event is reached. Therefore we recommend signing up early.

How to register to activities?

All registered participants will be able to enrol for activities in March 2016.

Costs and fees?

There is no fee for attending the EYE2016; however participants will need to cover their own transport, accommodation and meals.

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