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ADB_HQ GreenBusiness Forum 2016 Green Business Solutions Search for Asia-Pacific

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Application Deadline:November 2nd 2016

ADB need to create more sustainable businesses to help address today’s pressing environmental issues. Despite the challenges, we’re optimistic about the future as we see more youth engaging in building green businesses. We’re inviting the youth across Asia and the Pacific to be part of ADB’s First Green Business Forum in November 2016. If you have a completed or ongoing green business, join the ADB Youth for Asia Solutions Search!

Green businesses cover a wide range of sectors. We are looking for innovative solutions to tackle climate change, reduce resource use inefficiencies, and address environmental degradation while promoting sustainable and inclusive growth. Among others, these include solutions for:

  • Pollution control/prevention
  • Waste management/minimization
  • Sustainable forest, land and water management
  • Sustainable agriculture and organic farming
  • Sustainable tourism and other service sectors
  • Sustainable manufacturing




This November, ADB will host its first Green Business Forum for Asia and the Pacific (GBF). The GBF brings together experts, business practitioners, and key stakeholders to share knowledge and identify avenues for promoting green business solutions in the region.

The GBF aims to provide a platform for knowledge sharing and lessons learning on the best policies/incentives, institutional arrangements, and financing modalities that can best support rapid green business development in the region.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the ADB Youth for Asia Solutions Search

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