Albanian American Development Foundation (AADF) Master’s & Internship Program 2017 for Albanian Professionals.

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Application Deadline: April 2nd 2017 (23:59 p.m. ECT)

Albanian American Development Foundation (AADF) has established a prestigious Master’s & Internship Program (MIP) to provide to the Albanian mid-career professionals, potential leaders and managers a unique opportunity to attain a Master’s Degree and Professional Internship in the United States and Europe in the following program fields:

  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • ICT and Innovation
  • Culture & Eco-Tourism
  • Development
  • Educational Leadership and Management

Furthering the mission of AADF – to facilitate the development of a sustainable economy and a democratic society in Albania – the fellowships are designed for mid-career professionals’, future leaders, influencers, and decision-makers in Albania who are committed to develop professionally and academically with the condition to return in Albania and become key-actors in these fields of competences.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Hold an Albanian passport and be a current permanent resident of Albania
  • Have minimum three to five years of professional experience and proven track record of professional excellence and achievement in any of the following fields: Education Studies, Education Leadership and Management, ICT and Innovation, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Business and Management Studies, Innovation and Development, Cultural Tourism and Eco-Tourism
  • Successful scholarship recipients will be asked to self-fund a portion of their living expenses up to 10% of total cost of participation.
  • Have oral and written English language proficiency sufficient to excel in a professional setting
  • Agree to return and reside to Albania for a minimum of two years to make a significant contribution to the relevant field;
  • Have a strong character with integrity, drive, and the ability to self-manage and work independently

Willing to continue close collaboration with alumni group and AADF upon return


February 1st- April 2nd

Online application is available. To ensure your eligibility for the program, review the required documents checklist and online application instructions in the Apply Now section (insert hyperlink). Application closes on April 2nd (23:59 p.m. ECT)


Early May

Interviews are conducted. AADF staff will evaluate all the applications and short-list candidates who meet the requirements, at the sole discretion of AADF and CIEE. In early May, short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview with a high-professional panel made of AADF staff, Albanian relevant field experts and CIEE representatives.


July- September

One-to-one coaching, internship placement and pre-departure orientation- Immediately after fellows’ selection, CIEE begins to match the candidates with a US host organization. In the meanwhile, CIEE will provide selected fellows one-to-one coaching on revising curriculum vitae, support on writing motivational letters, instructions on how to behave in the interview etc.  Furthermore, when their internship placement is provided, fellows will receive specific and clear instructions by both AADF and CIEE representatives related to program requirements and expectations, and pre-departure orientation. Official documents with AADF, CIEE and hiring host organizations are prepared.


October 2017- March 2018

Internship begins – Internship lasts six months however interns leave for U.S 10 days before work starts in order to adjust with accommodation, context and new time zone. Upon their arrival, interns are assigned mentors who assist them to define objectives, and a work plan. Fellows will be provided daily support (if needed) by CIEE on behalf of AADF.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the AADF Master’s & Internship Program 2017

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