American Cinema Editors (ACE) Internship Program 2018

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Application Deadline: June 30, 2018

Each year, ACE selects two applicants for its Internship Program. This program gives an opportunity to talented and highly motivated college graduates who wish to pursue a career in post-production motion picture and TV editorial.

The structure of the ACE Internship Program emphasizes assistant picture editing. The program includes:

Orientation (begins day of in-person interviews), interns are assigned editing rooms where they shadow assistant editors.

Observation of work in a variety of editing venues: scripted television, features, and reality television.

Exploration of post production facilities: lab, telecine room, VFX house, sound effects and music editing rooms, ADR and dub stages.

These offer the opportunity to observe different styles and requirements of each room and see what assistant editors are expected to deliver during the making of a project. It is an opportunity for interns to absorb, question, compare and contrast what they’ve learned in school and on the job. During this time there are many opportunities to network with other interns, assistant editors, editors and filmmakers. Before and after the program, the Internship Committee meets with the interns to prepare, encourage, and mentor them. Interns are expected to:`

-Email a daily journal to their assigned mentor (an ACE member) recapping what they have learned each day of the program.

-Attend the ACE Holiday Party where interns receive their plaques of participation.

-Work at the ACE Blue Ribbon Panel screenings where ACE members vote for films nominated for an Eddie Award.

-Attend the Eddie Nominee Cocktail Party where interns receive their plaques of participation.

-Attend the Eddie Awards and black-tie banquet after-party.

-Work at the Invisible Art, Visible Artist event (where a panel of the current Oscar nominees screen sequences from their films) the day prior to the Academy Awards.

-Write an article for the ACE Cinema Editor Magazine describing his or her experience.

-Give a short speech at the ACE Annual Meeting describing your experience with the ACE Internship Program.


It is also expected that ACE interns will return the following year to participate in the orientation of new interns. This helps foster the basic ideology of mentoring.

Contact us if you are interested in finding out how to sponsor a student program with ACE.


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the ACE Internship Program 2018

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