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Amnesty International Regional Activism and Youth Coordinator, Tunis Regional Office

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JOB TITLE: Regional Activism and Youth Coordinator, Tunis Regional Office
DIRECTORATE: Campaigns and Communications
PROGRAMME: Campaigns
REPORTING TO: Campaigns Manager
SPECIALIST MANAGER: Head of Activism (DPD Campaigns Programme)

Coordinate the development and implementation of regional, and where appropriate, national activism and youth strategies, plans and projects. Contribute to the development of global, tactical, regional and national campaigns and campaign projects. Coordinate the implementation of activism and youth mobilization dimensions of the global and regional campaigns. Provide advice and capacity building support to sections, structures and other Amnesty International (AI) entities within the region: to strengthen their campaigning capacity and activist structures; to ensure activism is aligned to global and regional campaigns; to enable active participation of rights holders in campaigning; to increase the participation, engagement and leadership of young people as a contribution to growth in youth constituency for human rights impact.


To develop, coordinate, programme and lead on delivery of AI’s global campaigns; to coordinate and deliver campaign work on behalf of individuals at risk; to increase campaign effectiveness across the International Secretariat (IS) and the AI movement.


The IS, which operates from a number of sites around the world, gathers and communicates accurate and action-oriented human rights information globally. We campaign for meaningful human rights change; enable effective human rights activism and work to persuade governments and other actors to uphold universal human rights standards. We provide strategic leadership, support and advice to the AI movement globally, fostering AI’s contribution, presence and public accountability throughout the world.

Reporting to: Campaigns Manager. Specialist Manager-Head of Activism ( DPD Campaigns Programme)
Posts that this job manages: Supervision of volunteers, interns and consultants
Other key relationships:
Senior Campaign and Activism Coordinators, International Youth Coordinator, Digital Activism Coordinator and other colleagues in the Activism Unit; other Regional Activism and Youth Organisers; Campaign Programme Director; managers and relevant staff in the Campaigns and Communications Directorate; Regional Office Staff, Campaign and Activism staff in sections, structures and other AI entities; members of relevant networks/ community of practice (e.g. Activism Network, Active Participation Practitioners Community, Youth Coordinators Network), young people, their communities and their leaders within and outside AI. Also relates to experts in the field of activism and youth mobilization and colleagues in other NGOs and partner organizations.

Location: Tunis
1. Planning
i) Monitor and analyze political, and civil society developments within the region in relation to
activism and youth mobilization for campaigning and make recommendations for campaign
development and actions
ii) Coordinate on the development and implementation of regional activism and youth
strategies and plans
iii) Support the sections, structures and other AI entities in developing and implementing
national level campaigning, activism and/or youth Strategies, plans and projects for
human rights impact
iv) Advise Regional Office staff and sections/structures on the active participation of activists,
including young people, and rights holders in campaign planning, implementation and
2. Campaigning, Activism and Youth Mobilization
i) Contribute to the organization, coordination and implementation of regional actions
ii) Contribute to the research, development and delivery of effective activism techniques based
on an analysis of current trends in activism, social change and public engagement
iii) Manage and communicate, as appropriate, the activism and youth related information at the
regional level for effective decision making at Regional Office and movement level
3. Advice and Capacity Building Support
i) Provide professional advice to the researchers, campaigners and other colleagues at the
regional offices, sections, structures and other AI entities in mobilizing young people,
members, supporters and activists for the global, tactical, regional and national campaigns
and in strategic campaign planning and participatory approaches and tools in campaigning
ii) In conjunction with the Activism Unit, lead on the design and delivery of campaigning and
activism capacity building projects for the regional office staff and sections and structures
iii) Share and promote good practice in youth mobilization and leadership development, activism
and campaigning techniques amongst the IS and section and structure campaigners and
activism staff
4. Project Coordination
i) Coordinate on the development of regional level campaigning, activism and youth projects
and budgets
ii) Contribute to the development of global campaigning, activism and youth projects
iii) Coordinate or directly implement project activities against agreed objectives and manage
iv) Support monitoring and evaluation of the projects as appropriate
v) Provide timely reports on these projects to the colleagues and the management
5. Network/ Community of Practice Maintenance
Working in conjunction with the Activism Unit, service and support the regional segment of
the global networks and/or regional networks related to campaigning, activism and youth
e.g. Activism Network, Regional Youth Network, Global Youth Coordinators Network, and
Active Participation Community of Practice
6. Standards and Quality Control
Contribute to the development of policies, global standards, Key Performance Indicators,guidelines, good practices related to activism, active participation and youth work and ensure compliance of these policies, standards and guidelines by sections, structures and other AI entities
7. Public Representation
Represent AI to membership, activists, other NGOs, partners, networks and at regional
campaigning, activism and youth meetings
8. Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment
In conjunction with the colleagues in the Activism Unit and regional offices coordinate
monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of agreed projects
9. Other
Other responsibilities assigned to according to the grade and nature of the post

Experience in Youth Work: Strong experience of mobilizing youth and capacity building in
multinational settings. The ability to find and mobilize resources to support the building of youth
constituency at the regional and national level. Sensitive to the needs and opportunities and
constraints of a worldwide membership organization in relation to youth work.
Knowledge and experience of campaigning: Knowledge of strategic campaigning, campaigning
methods and tactics and experience of supporting the development of campaign strategies.
Experience of writing motivating and inspiring campaign materials for a diverse range of target
audiences and of communicating campaign messages and organizational positions effectively.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Amnesty International Regional Activism and Youth Coordinator

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