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The UK Young Ambassadors project gives young people in the UK a voice at international meetings and events, on decisions that affect them and on issues they care about.

Young Ambassadors provide a bridge between young people in the UK and people making decisions around the World. Young Ambassadors have represented UK young people at many important meetings and forums. They have presented to education ministers in Malaysia, made the case for votes at 16 in Europe, lobbied for action on Climate Change in Korea and challenged David Cameron to support more international youth representation at the G20 Summit in Canada.


The Young Ambassadors are a team of 12 young people (aged 18-25) from across the United Kingdom with diverse backgrounds and experiences. They reach out to their communities and networks to listen to the concerns and views of young people which they take to international forums and meetings to ensure they are heard at the highest level. They receive training and support to develop their skills and knowledge to do this effectively.

The UK Young Ambassadors are part of a growing network determined to bring about positive change for young people.

UK Young Ambassadors run in partnership by the British Youth Council, Funky Dragon, Northern Ireland Youth Forum and the Scottish Youth Parliament.

We are funded by Eurodesk UK and the Youth in Action Programme.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the UK Young Ambassadors Programme

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