Call for Applications

AYFN Japan Cultural Camp 2016 – Kyoto, Japan (24 – 29 October 2016)

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Application Deadline: June 20th 2016

Japan Cultural Camp by AYFN  is a cultural learning program designed to give an understanding on culture and social awareness for participants. This program enables participants to learn about Japanese culture in line with making a friend directly. This program is also an avenue to enhance knowledge and skill to face globalization. This is not student exchange, but youth and cultural exchange program.

How does the Japan Cultural Camp will work?

  1. Participants will be met up in Japan
  2. The camp will combine sense of friendship, adventure and cultural awareness
  3. Participants will live for 6 days in Kyoto, Japan
  4. Participants will be buddied by Japanese during the program
  5. The camp needs participants who passionate in international friendship and adapt new environment (culture differences) easily

Location of Japan Cultural Camp

This camp will take place in Kyoto and Osaka. Both cities are famous as Cultural city in Japan. Participants in the program will have the unique opportunity to live and study in Kyoto—the historic former capital of Japan, replete with its temples, shrines and traditional gardens. It is our hope that the program will inspire youth to pursue adventurous and productive careers and contribute to the advancement of science.

Start and duration of Japan Cultural Camp

This camp will be started at 24 October 2016 (Arrival in Kyoto) and will be ended at 29 October 2016. Participants will start their program at 7.30 a.m – 5.00 p.m everyday. In the evening, participants will have free time to explore the magnificent of Kyoto and Osaka or go shopping.


  1. Live for 6 days in Kyoto, Japan
  2. Learn and understand on Japanese culture directly
  3. International friendship with Japanese friends
  4. Heritage walking tour around Kyoto and Osaka
  5. Cultural exchange program with local students
  6. Experience to be like local people
  7. Experimental learning
  8. Certificate of participation from AYFN


  1. Cultural tour activities in Kyoto and Osaka, whereby both cities are well known as the center of Japanese culture.
  2. Cultural exchange activities with Japanese students.
  3. Visit many interesting places both in Kyoto or Osaka, e.g : Osaka castle, Gion District in Kyoto (Geisha), Namba district, Ryoanji Temple, Arashiyama, and etc.
  4. Taste authentic Japanese cuisine
  5. Walk around heritage area of Kyoto.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the AYFN Japan Cultural Camp 2016


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