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Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz 2015 for Indian Diaspora Youths (all-expenses paid 25-day trip to India )

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Application Deadline: 12th December 2015.

The Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz is targeted for the Indian Diaspora youth between 18 to 35 years of age. It is intended to educate them about India’s progress in various fields like Finance, Science & Technology, Manufacturing Industry, Communication & Information Technology etc. and also about the different facets of life in India.

Eligibility The Online Quiz is open to all persons in the age bracket 18 to 35 years of age as on 2ndOctober 2015. (Born between 3rdOctober 1980 and 2nd October 1998)

There are two distinct categories of participants that the Online Quiz aims to reach out to:

  1. PIOs – A participant must hold a valid PIO card or number / OCI Card or number / OCI or PIO card or either of the parents or one of his grand parents from the maternal or paternal side are OCI/PIO card holders.
  2. NRIs – A participant can be an NRI with valid Indian passport and work permit of country of residence, certifying his/her NRI status.

There is no geographical restriction on location as long as the participant fulfills the above conditions.

The Quiz Structure The Quiz comprises of Online and LIVE rounds in following stages:

  1. Online Registration, simple process to generate unique username and password. Registrations for Round 1 (Welcome Round) will commence from 25th st November, 2015
  2. Welcome Round – Online Quiz, 20 questions to be answered without any time limit and not necessarily in single online session. Welcome round will be held between 25th November, 2015 and 12th December, 2015
  3. PIO/NRI details Registration (as per the details given in 2 A above), to be done any time before Round 2 (Qualifying Round)
  4. Qualifying Round – Online Quiz, single session of 60 minutes, for 60 questions. Qualifying round will be held between 0000 Hrs IST, 13thDecember, 2015 and 2359 Hrs IST, 13th December, 2015 {Sunday}
  5. Results of Qualifying Round – Finalists announced for LIVE Round in Delhi. Results will be announced on 15th December 2015, followed by credentials verification by Government of India Organisations. In case credentials provided by participant cannot be verified, participant will be disqualified and will not be allowed to take part in final round of the quiz. Certificate of participation given to participants of Qualifying Round
  6. PIO/NRI details Verification, by Government of India organisations during 15th- 25thDecember, 2015
  7. Final and Live Round at New Delhi on 7th January, 2016
  8. Prize Distribution in India on 10th January, 2016
  9. ‘Know India’trip for winners from 11th January, 2016
The Prize

  1. 10 Finalists in each category (PIO and NRI) from Round 2 (Qualifying round) will be on an all-expenses paid 25-day trip to India for a LIVE Round in New Delhi, followed by “Know India” visit
  2. Medals, Mementoes and a certificate of appreciation for Final Winner and 2 Runners-Up from each category (NRI and PIO) of Live Round
  3. Mementoes and Certificate of appreciation to Remaining 7 participants in each of the category (PIO and NRI) of Live Round
  4. Three weeks trip ‘Bharat KoJaniyeYatra’across India for all the 20 participants of Live Round
  5. E- certificates of participation for participants of Qualifying Round (who do not qualify for LIVE round in Delhi)

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz 2015 for Indian Diaspora Youths

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