Call for Applications

British Council International Bursaries for United Kingdom Bloggers

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Application Deadline: November 28th 2018

The British Council is thrilled to offer a new opportunity for talented UK arts bloggers and writers to travel internationally.
Bloggers have had a huge influence on UK performance, but opportunities for paid work or career development are few and far between. To address this, we’re piloting a programme awarding bursaries to three UK bloggers – enabling them to have an international experience, develop their skills and build connections outside the UK.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Lives in the UK.
  • At least two years’ experience of blogging, writing, vlogging or podcasting about arts. This includes experience of self-publishing, producing work for student publications and contributing to online platforms for emerging writers. Applicants don’t necessarily need to have their own platform.
  • Does not write regularly for a national publication.
  • Has never had a single full-time job writing about performing arts.
  • Helps the British Council achieve our aim to give a platform to voices from groups under-represented in UK arts and media.


The winners will spend time in either Lagos, Romania or a country of their choice, meeting new contacts and discovering the richness of cultural exchange.

  • This opportunity also includes two hours of mentoring with a member of our judging panel, led by Lyn Gardner. We ask winners to produce one or more pieces of work about performance inspired by their visit – to be published by the British Council, by themselves or by another publisher.
  • British Council expect each visit to last three to six nights (including travel). We have a budget of up to a maximum £4,000 for each bursary. We expect this to cover costs such as:
  • Honorarium to cover your time at £150 per day of travel
  • Travel
  • Visa costs
  • Accommodation
  • Translation
  • Travel insurance
  • Innoculations not available on the NHS
  • Perdiems at the British Council standard rate for each country
  • Tickets for performances or fees for conferences/training courses
    Extra accessibility costs are available for d/Deaf or disabled applicants.


  • Lyn Gardner, Associate Editor at The Stage and writer, Stagedoor app – Lead Judge
  • Thom Dibdin, The Stage,
  • Cathy Gomez, Programme and Marketing Manager, Theatre and Dance, British Council
  • Colin Hambrook, Editor, Disability Arts Online
  • Sophia Jackson, Founder and Editor, Afridiziak Theatre News
  • Arusa Qureshi, Editor, The List
  • Gary Raymond, Editor, Wales Arts Review
  • Sanjoy Roy, freelance critic
  • Alice Saville, Editor, Exeunt

For More Information:


Visit the Official Webpage of the British Council International Bursaries for United Kingdom Bloggers

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