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Call for applications: Art Inside Out digital and textile storytelling residency Program 2018

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Application deadline: February 28, 2018

Art Inside Out is offering a six week residency for three artists in the fall of 2018, with all expenses paid. It is an opportunity to work with digital and textile narratives around an extensive archival material about the village of Aeskhult in Kungsbacka municipality (Sweden).

The residency’s starting point is the history of Aeskhult and the stories and facts associated with the site. What stories does this village tell? How do we tell the story of Aeskhult? What details have been highlighted at different times and what is relevant and interesting to pay attention to today?

Digital and textile storytelling in Aeskhults Village
Through the artistic activation of the site and the stories and artifacts connected to Aeskhult, the residency turns into a laboratory. Aeskhult village becomes a context that allows for reflection about the past and the present, but also about the way history is written. There is an extensive archival material available for the artists to work from, both in the form of artifacts from the village (now stored at Halland’s Museum of Cultural History), a variety of photographs, written stories and other material.

The residency is interested in digital and textile narratives. Digital content is a core element in many audio-visual ways of expression, such as film, VR and other relevant techniques. Textile narrative is part of Aeskhult’s history and it can also be combined with the digital.

At the end of the residency there will be public presentations of the artistic processes, on site in Kungsbacka municipality and also in other places in Halland County and Sweden. Various presentations of the process will occur also during the entire residency period.

The residency takes place during the autumn of 2018, with the following schedule: September 3 to 16 (2 weeks of research), October 1 to 21 (3 weeks of production), November 5 to 11 (1 week of final presentation). The artists will be given the opportunity to work independently or/and together.

Each artist will receive a grant of 60,000 SEK for a six-week residency. Art Inside Out will cover all travel costs, and provide the chosen artist with accommodation and work space. The residency’s production budget is 100,000 SEK in total.

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