Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Undergraduate Internship Program 2019/2020 – Directorate of Operations

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Application Deadline: March 15th 2018

Work Schedule: Full Time
Salary: $42,331 ($20.28 per hour)
Location: Washington, DC metropolitan area

As a Directorate of Operations Undergraduate Intern for the CIA, you will support the Directorate of Operations (DO) mission of collecting human intelligence on critical international developments. The DO is the covert arm of the CIA.

Working in the Washington, DC area, DO student interns perform duties typical of a Collection Management Officer or Staff Operations Officer, teaming with knowledgeable professionals to facilitate the collection and dissemination of foreign intelligence used by US national security, defense, and foreign policy officials and intelligence analysts.

Interns are generally freshmen at the time of application and are interested in pursuing a DO career upon graduation. Competitive applicants that apply early in the application process—as opposed to the final week—have a better chance of making it through the stringent security and medical processing that must be completed before entering on duty as a Directorate of Operations Undergraduate Intern the following summer.  If you plan to study abroad or otherwise be outside of the United States in Summer 2018, we strongly recommend you apply no later than 31 January 2018.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Full-time student pursuing an undergraduate degree in a 4-year academic institution with at least one semester completed at the time of application; there is no preferred major or program of study. Please include your college/university information under the Education Section of the on-line application with your anticipated graduation date
  • Competitive applicants enrolled in 2-year degree programs that feed into accredited 4-year programs will be considered. Please address your plans to continue studying at a 4-year college/university in your cover letter. If competitive, proof of acceptance into the 4-year program is required prior to entering on duty
  • GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4-point scale at the time of application and maintained throughout the application process and internship program
  • Availability to complete two 90-day summer internships (the first summer internship typically starts May or June 2019 and the second will start May or June 2020)
  • Attending school on a full-time basis before/following this internship
  • Impeccable integrity
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrated interest in foreign affairs and national security issues
  • Commitment to serving the interests of our country
  • Interest in a career with the CIA’s Directorate of Operations following graduation
  • Due to processing requirements, the DO will not consider applicants who travel out of the US for more than three consecutive months between January 2018 – May 2019. Extended foreign travel is discouraged between January 2020 – May 2020 as well.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Foreign language skills and/or overseas experience

Application Instructions:

The following items must be attached to your on-line application (PDF format preferred):

  • Cover letter (no more than two pages) describing yourself, telling us why you are interested in a DO career, and highlighting characteristics and experiences that distinguish you from other applicants.
  • Qualifications Supplement — in a separate PDF attachment address the following questions:
    • Why does a career in public service appeal to you (1 paragraph)
    • Why do you wish to serve in the Directorate of Operations (1 paragraph)
    • Other than the Directorate of Operations, what other career options are of interest to you (1 paragraph)
    • Describe one thing from your academic, military, or professional background that has prepared you for success in the Directorate of Operations (1 paragraph)
    • Complete this thought: “I do my best work when…” (1 paragraph)
    • Describe a time when you did not succeed, professionally or academically, and what you learned from that experience (2 paragraphs)
  • College transcripts showing Fall 2017 grades (copies of unofficial transcripts are acceptable at this stage of processing).


  • Applicants who will be overseas during the late Spring/Summer 2018 are STRONGLY encouraged to submit their application by 31 January 2018.
  • Serious applicants are encouraged to complete their application well in advance of the 15 March 2018 deadline to allow for timely processing of competitive applicants.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Undergraduate Internship Program 2019/2020

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