CERN Internship Programme 2017 for high-school students in Europe.

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At CERN, you can see student interns all year round, but this year you may also spot the first participants of the official High-School Students Internship Programme (HSSIP). HSSIP is a programme developed by the ECO group’s Teacher and Student Programmes section to engage students from a young age with scientific research and innovation.

Are you a young and motivated high-school student? Did you ever want to know how fundamental research works? Did you ever want to get an insight into an international organization?

In a close collaboration with its member states, CERN invites high-school students (aged 16-19) to come to CERN for two weeks, to gain practical experience in science, technology, and innovation. It focuses on giving students the chance to discover STEM in the CERN context and environment, strengthening their understanding of science, and developing their skills in a high-tech environment.

This programme is a unique opportunity for high-school students to be introduced to CERN, its technologies and physics, as well as to learn through workshops and by shadowing, observing, and working with a member of personnel.

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