Chartered Accountants Ireland Scholarship 2017 to attend the 2017 One Young World summit in Bogotá, Colombia (

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Application Deadline: midnight Friday 7 July 2017

Chartered Accountants Ireland is searching for our best and brightest member or student under the age of 35.

The winner will win an all expenses paid trip represent Chartered Accountants Ireland at the One Young World summit in Bogotá, Colombia this October.

We are searching for someone who really stands out, who is making an impact for all the right reasons and is willing to share their Chartered story and vision for the profession.

To enter individuals must write an article on their LinkedIn profile about their Chartered journey so far, and their future as part of the profession and share it with their networks on LinkedIn and Twitter (please tag Institute profiles when sharing the article). Then entrants must submit the link to the article and some additional information before the closing date of  midnight Friday 7 July using the link below.

The ideal candidate will demonstrate

  • Passion and pride in the Chartered Accountancy profession
  • Commitment to using their skills and expertise for the good of their workplace or community
  • A vision to succeed and stand out amongst peers
  • An entrepreneurial spark
  • Excellent communications and social media skills

We want someone who can lead, motivate and inspire others. No matter where you are working or where you are in the world, every Chartered Accountants Ireland member or student under 35 can take part.

The winner will be chosen by a panel of independent, judges. The top 3 candidates will be shortlisted and asked to come in to be interviewed,  the winner will be announced at the beginning of August.


  • The winner of the under 35s competition will receive this once in a lifetime opportunity all expenses paid trip to represent Chartered Accountants Ireland at the prestigious One Young World Summit in Bogotá, Colombia.
  • The summit is an international conference that brings together the brightest young leaders from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections and create positive change. You’ll be asked to tweet and report back from Bogota as part of the international Chartered Accountants Worldwide delegation.
  • The winner will be profiled in the Accountancy Ireland magazine and attend our preeminent annual dinner in February 2018.

About your LinkedIn article

NB** Please write your LinkedIn article before you submit your entry. 

Our Young Chartered Star will be a great communicator, and will be willing and able to share their views – both online in their own social networks and also as an international ambassador for the Chartered Accountancy profession. Unsure of how you can publish an article on LinkedIn? Refer to this how to guide . In terms of what you write, it’s up to you, but you might like to think about how/why you chose to become a Chartered Accountant, your studies and training, your career to date. You might share your advice to potential future Chartered Accountants or your hopes for the future of the profession in your area, community or as part of the global economy.

You might also like to talk about how you’d use the One Young World and Chartered Accountants Worldwide opportunity. The judges will be looking out for creativity/effort in your article, to see your skills on social media and for a sense of your passion and understanding of the potential for the profession.

Enter the Young Chartered Star Scholarship

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Chartered Accountants Ireland Scholarship 2017

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