Clore Social Leadership’s Fellowship Programme 2017 for Emerging Leaders.

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Application Deadline: September 5th 2016

Clore Social Leadership’s Fellowship Programme is for emerging leaders who have an appetite to lead and make social change happen. We are looking for collaborative people who are keen to learn and invest in their leadership development who will ultimately bring back their learnings to their organisations in support of their beneficiaries.

Clore Social Leadership’s Fellowship are calling on the sector to work with us to help find and nominate the next generation of leaders with a social purpose who will transform their organisations, the sector and the wider community.

  • Applicants will be people working or volunteering in UK based charities – including international NGOs, foundations and trusts – social enterprises, housing associations, community organisations and cooperatives can apply.
  • All candidates’ applications must be nominated by their organisation’s CEOs or Chairs.
  • In exceptional circumstances we will accept candidates who are not employed by organisations – such candidates’ applications must be supported by a senior sector leader.

clore-social-fellowshipIndividual criteria

  • You work in or volunteer with the social sector in the UK or internationally (the organisation must be UK-based)
  • You can prove the depth of your work in the sector and have at least three years’ experience
  • You’re involved in work that benefits individuals and communities
  • You can demonstrate how you will make social change happen as you develop in your career and as leaders
  • You’re resident in the UK

You need to be

  • Committed to our values
  • Self-aware, motivated and collaborative
  • Able to demonstrate achievement and leadership potential in your professional life
  • Ready and able to make the most of the opportunity

We will not consider

  • Applications from those whose work is exclusively faith-based, and lacking focus on social impact in a wider context

Group criteria

Our Fellows must also represent, across the various cohorts, a range of:

  • Sub-sectors within the wider social sector, especially areas under-represented in previous cohorts
  • Organisations of different types and sizes
  • Organisations working across the UK

Specialist Fellowships

Specialist Fellowships are Fellows funded by specific organisations who want to address issues and develop leaders in a particular part of the sector or area of the country. To date this has included Fellowships focused on issues ranging from homelessness to innovation, social and economic policy to the environment. Details of the Specialist Fellowships available this year are available here.

Myths and assumptions

In order to become a Clore Social Leadership Fellow you do not have to:

  • Have been to university, or have any specific educational attainments
  • Be based in London or the South East
  • Have worked in the social sector your whole career
  • Give up your job
  • Be a specific age

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Clore Social Leadership’s Fellowship Programme

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