Call for Applications

Council of Europe Youth Peace Camp 2018 for young people from conflict regions

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Application Deadline: 13 April 2018, 13:00 p.m. CET.

The Youth Peace Camps were initiated by the Council of Europe in 2003, in cooperation with   Europa Park in Rust, Germany, to bring together young people from conflict regions and to support them in initiating dialogue and cooperation.

In the past years the peace camp project brought together young people from the Middle East, Southeast and Eastern Europe. During the camp the participants followed an experiential learning process and acquired competences in the fields of intercultural learning, dialogue and conflict transformation, within a human rights framework.


The Youth Peace Camp engages young people and youth organisations from conflict affected regions in dialogue and conflict transformation activities based on human rights education and intercultural learning during and after the camp.


The main objectives (personal, organisational and institutional) of the Youth Peace Camp are:

  • To develop awareness and basic competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) of participants in human rights education, conflict transformation, intercultural learning and dialogue, including a critical understanding of personal and collective identities and their role in conflicts
  • To enable participants to share personal experiences of conflict and violence and coping strategies in a positive and safe atmosphere of living and learning together
  • To motivate and support participants in their role as multipliers and peer leaders in peace-building activities with young people encouraging them to implement follow-up initiatives
  • To promote and share existing youth work practices and experiences of young people working on dialogue and conflict transformation in their home communities
  • To strengthen the role of the Council of Europe, in particular through its Youth for Democracy programme, in its efforts towards strengthening youth work in the field of conflict transformation, social cohesion and intercultural dialogue and in the implementation of the approaches of the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 (2015) on Youth, Peace and Security.


The programme of the Youth Peace Camp will give young people, coming from regions affected by armed  conflicts, the opportunity to share, explore, and reflect upon their work in the field of dialogue, conflict transformation and peace work.The programme will be based on mutual learning situations among participants, making use of a variety of working methods. The participants will be able to share personal experiences with conflict and violence and share the coping strategies they developed. The programme will also allow time for 4participants to explore the relation between identity and the conflict in their region for young people and themselves. Personal reflections and sharing within community groups will be alternated with
sharing, learning and reflecting between youth from the different conflict regions.

Working language

The working language of the programme will be English. Participants must have sufficient understanding of English in order to comprehend and complete the application form without
assistance from another person and to fully and actively take part in the programme.

Educational team

The educational team consists of a group of facilitators and trainers, including an educational advisor of the European Youth Centre. Altogether, trainers and facilitators are experienced in running similaractivities, have direct experience of the regions from where participants come and will be able tocommunicate with participants in their mother tongue.

Participants’ Profile

The 2018 Youth Peace  Camp will bring together 60 to 70 young people from the following conflict affected communities:
– Cyprus (Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots2
– Kosovo,* participants coming from Albanian, Serbian and other communities˙
– South Caucasus, in particular from conflict affected regions and ethnic minorities.
All participants must:

  • be aged between 18 and 25 years;
  • be able to work in English;
  • be available and fully committed to take part in the Youth Peace Camp;be curious, open-minded, appreciate diversity and learn about each other’s realities.
  • be motivated to learn and to apply the values and approaches of the Youth Peace Camp,notably human rights, democracy and intercultural dialogue;be involved in youth or community projects in their community and be motivated to
    implement youth initiatives for peace-building following the camp;
  • possess a sense of responsibility for one’s own actions, a commitment to personal and
    community development and continue the engagement with other participants;
  • preferably be involved in an organisation or network, institution, formal and/or informal group that is ready to support them throughout the project duration and afterwards whenimplementing youth initiatives for peace building.

Application procedure and selection of participants

  • All candidates must apply on-line, completing the ap plication form under this link:
  • Applications must be submitted by 13 April 2018, 13:00 p.m. CET. A letter of support from theirsending organisation or institution can be uploaded on the platform or sent separately by e-mail, fax
    or post, to express support offered throughout the project to the participant and his/her initiatives.
  • Participants who are member of an informal network or youth group can supply a letter of support from their fellow members in the informal network or group expressing their support for the
    participants’ application.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Council of Europe Youth Peace Camp 2018

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