Call for Applications

CVS-Bulgaria Project “From A to Z about EVS” Training in Bulgaria.

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Application Deadline: November 10th 2015

CVS-Bulgaria is a non-governmental organisation that has been working in the field of international volunteer exchange since 1998 and was officially registered in 2002 as an organisation working in public benefit.

CVS-Bulgaria would  like  to  invite  you  to  participate  in  the Training  course “From  A  to  Z   about  EVS” that  will  take  place  in  Bulgaria  in  the  period  27th November  till  3rd December 2015
and  will  gather  28  participants  (youth  workers,  coordinators,  supervisors  and  mentors)  from  8  countries  -­‐Albania,  Croatia,  Georgia,  FYROM,  Romania,  Serbia,  Spain  and  Bulgaria.
The  project aims at  promoting  the  possibility  for  volunteering  and  especially  the  EVS opportunities.  The  focus  is  on  clarifying  all  the  steps  of  how  to  organize  and  implement  EVS  projects  of  high
Dates  and  venue  of  the  training  course
The  training  will  take  place from   27th November  till  3rd December  2015 (5  full   working  days  and  two  days ‐1 arrival 27th November and 1  departure day  3rd December)  in  Bulgaria,  in  Jeravna  hotel,  Bankya,  (http://jeravna-­  the  region  of  the  capital  Sofia.
The  participants  need  to  arrive  by  lunch  on  27th November and  depart  after  lunch  on  3rd December.
Each  country  will  be  represented  by  3  participants,  except  Bulgaria –the  hosting
country  which  will  be  represented  by 5  participants.
Profile  of  the  participants
  • Age  18+;
  • Youth  workers,  project  managers,  coordinators,  supervisors
  • Willing  to  learn  and  share
  • Willing  to  multiply  learning  after  the  training  course
  • Able  to  understand  and  express  themselves  in  English
  • Are  committed  to  attend  for  the  full  duration  of  the  project
Travel  costs
  • Reimburse  of  the  travel  tickets  will  be  done  according  to  the  rules  of  the  Erasmus+  programme  based  on  distance  calculation.
  • The  reimbursement  will  be  made  after  the  training  course,  after  the  participants  provide  all  traveling  documents.  Please  keep  your  tickets  and  boarding  passes.
All  participants  will  receive  Youth pass upon  successful  completion  of  the  training.
Application  procedure
If  you  are  interested  in  participating,  apply  by  10.11.2015 filling  in  the  online

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