Call for Applications

Diversity Accelerator (Div-A) Mentoring Programme 2016 for Media Professionals

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Application Deadline: 26th August 2016

New Media Tools Mentoring Programme for Diversity Inclusiveness 2016-2017

Enabling Media Professionals to Explore Transmedia, Multimedia and Crossmedia Journalism as well as Crowdfunding/Sponsoring to Adopt an Approach of Diversity Inclusiveness

This pilot mentoring programme aims at testing a new approach to rendering the media landscape in Europe more inclusive with regard to population diversity and more balanced in relation to diversity issues.

The programme will do this by helping young media professionals who are already committed to diversity inclusiveness to use the tools new media offers and create their own independent business models.

Unhappy with the lack of a diversity inclusiveness in media? You are journalist and you wish to launch your own multimedia start-up with help from mentors who have successfully launched theirs and who will offer support with developing business plans and looking for partners ? Apply for the Div-A mentoring programme!

Div-A (Diversity Accelerator) aims at testing a new approach to rendering the media landscape in Europe more inclusive with regard to cultural diversity and more balanced in relation to diversity issues.

Diva-A targets journalists with an entrepreneurial spirit who are committed to the inclusion of diversity in media reports. An international team of new media experts will guide candidates through the planning phase of their multimedia enterprise, including crowdfunding, looking for sponsors and creating a sustainable business plan.

Selected projects will be offered contracts up to 3000€ for delivering a sound business plans under the mentoring programme.

1. A team of coaches to help you develop your idea.
2. A network of fellow media moguls from all over Europe that you get to meet at two workshops: in Lisbon (10-11 November 2016) and Perugia (to be confirmed later, April 2017), all costs covered.

Who can apply?
1. You’re a registered journalist.
2. You live in one of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe:
3. Your media project has a strong focus on diversity inclusion.
4. You are looking forward to create your own media outlet with a mid or long-term perspective.
What will be the specific obligations of selected journalists/teams?

Each of the selected journalists/teams shall:

  • Commit to undertake the mentoring programme under the supervision of the designated mentor, and attend all mentoring events;
  • Participate in the relevant virtual meetings organised in the framework of the mentoring programme;
  • Provide regular feedback on the progress in the implementation of the project plan to the designated mentor; and

Promote the mentoring programme and its results in his/her own network.  

What will selected journalists/teams be requested to deliver?

  • A business plan for setting up a mid or long-term media outlet using digital platforms and focussing on diversity inclusion;
  • An analysis of the challenges faced to reach the goals set at the beginning of the programme, and useful advice for setting up a digital media outlet, which includes diversity in depicting society.
  • The Council of Europe undertakes to pay the selected journalist(s)/teams a fee of 3,000 Euros covering the whole mentoring process, in return of the fulfilment of the above obligations and deliveries.

    Shortlisted applicants will be informed by 13 September and requested to submit a one-minute video presenting their project by 15 September and attend a Skype meeting during the subsequent week.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Diversity Accelerator (Div-A) Mentoring Programme 2016

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