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Euro-BRICS Young Leaders Summit 2016 New Delhi, India

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Application Deadline: 4th of January 2016.

“An endeavour by the youth of Euro-BRICS nations, with the aim to tackle the widely acknowledged and potentially glaring global crisis of the XXI century: Sustainability”

Organised by: the Euro-BRICS Youth Platform in collaboration with LEAP

In March 2016 in the National Capital of India, New Delhi. The young leaders of the Euro BRICS nations have unanimously decided to focus more specifically on one of the seven pillars which is the current need of the hour: Sustainability

The EuroBRICS Young Leaders platform brings together present and future leaders across a vast array of topics from all over the EuroBRICS states. Our member structure consists of members of parliaments, diplomats, scientists, activists, government employees, as well as non-state actors and other young, outstanding individuals who do lead our world today and in the future. The ambitions for New Delhi are even higher, as we are currently attracting the attention of high ranking members of the EuroBRICS’ governments

The Euro-BRICS Youth Platform wishes to address this major and persistent challenge from the widest possible point of view. Since, sustainability as a subject already enjoys a great deal of attention worldwide in terms of environment, our aim is to therefore, widen our horizons and look for Sustainable solutions across the seven pillars of the foundation of the EBYL Summit.


Strengthening the Euro-BRICS Youth Platform, network and projects

Improving the connection with the official levels of global leadership

Producing another set of analyses, recommendations and project proposals

Drafting a common statement to be shared with the highest levels of global leadership and media

Showing the instrumentality of the Euro-BRICS angle in reaching the global multipolar level

Paving the way to the holding of a full-fleshed Euro-BRICS Summit: putting around the same table European and BRICS leaders as the most efficient way to address the multipolar world’s burning common challenges: peace, democracy, sustainability, modernity, innovation, mobility and diversity.


  • Due to the exceptional response, the deadline for applications to the EuroBRICS Young Leaders Summit 2016 has been extended until midnight GMT on the 27th December 2015.
  • This applies to Youth from Russia, India, China and South Africa and those Brazilian citizens currently living outside of Brazil.
  • The deadline for Youth from Europe has been extended until midnight GMT on the 4th of January 2016.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the EuroBRICS Young Leaders Summit 2016 

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