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Europe-China Youth Leaders Forum 2018 in Pécs, Hungary (Scholarships Available)

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Application Deadline: 30 March 2018 at 23:59 CET

The Europe-China Youth Leaders Forum (ECYLF) 2018 is currently organised by the ECYLF Foundation, Municipality of the city of Pécs and University of Pécs. This year, we will gather a number of international youth leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs and scholars from Europe and China to engage in our forum.

The forum is focusing on “the Belt and Road” Initiative promoted by the Chinese and Hungarian governments. It focuses on the youth exchanges, business cooperation and education cooperation between Europe and China, breaks the bottlenecks of different issues, bridges the communication gap between business and politics and listens to various suggestions from youth leaders all over the world.

The ECYLF will attract youth leaders, experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, government officials and representatives of international organisations from Europe and China. Providing an information and development cooperation platform for governments, scientific research institutions and business elites for Europe and China.


1.Anyone officially residing in China and Europe is eligible to apply.
(Applicants from other countries are welcomed as well)


*The applicant should choose one of the following committees to participate the forum.

  • Youth Committee

The applicant must be enrolled in a university or fresh graduate with a maxi-mum age of 28 years old.

  • Leaders Committee

The applicant must be a Politician, an Entrepreneur or a Scholar.
Politicians: Government Officials
Entrepreneurs: Representatives or Employees from Enterprises.
Scholars: Representatives from Universities.

Participation Fee:

*Any international transportation to Hungary and the transportation between Budapest and Pécs is not included.

In order to participate, you need to have your application submitted and accepted, be able to cover your travel costs both to and from Pécs and pay the participation fee .

  • Access to ECYLF 2018 in Pécs, Hungary.
  • Accommodation from 2 May to 4 May. (3 nights in 4 stars hotel)
  1. Living alone (Single Room): 360 EUR
  2. Living in pair (Double Room): 280 EUR
  3. Without accommodation: 180 EUR
  • Catering which includes breakfast(for participants who chose double or single room only), lunch, dinner and tea break.
  • Forum handouts and support materials.
  • Entrance tickets for all social events during the forum.

The ECYLF team will provide 8-12 total full scholarships for the 2018 ECYLF.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Europe-China Youth Leaders Forum (ECYLF) 2018



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