European Fund for the Balkans Fellowship Programme 2017 for Government Officials.

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Application Deadline: December 15th 2016

The European Fund for the Balkans (EFB) announces the new call for applications for its flagship Fellowship programme for Government Officials. It is a one-year practice-oriented educational programme which is supporting the Western Balkans’ administrations by educating and motivating the public officials to practice and advocate the European principles of public administration.

It is targeting the government officials from the Western Balkans who are eager to spend a three-month fellowship traineeship in the EU government institutions in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

The core purpose of the programme is to give impetus to the EU integration-driven reforms of the Western Balkans’ administrations, through building the capacities of individuals who are acting as the agents of change. The programme targets ambitious young government officials with a strong commitment to contributing to the development of their societies who are lifelong learners, acquiring skills and broadening their horizons throughout their careers.

Programme specific objectives are:

  •  to develop the capacities of a selected category of public officials who want to shape regional and European collaboration, by targeting national actors important for European integration;
  • to enable a good environment for supporting motivated government officials in acquiring knowledge and skills regarding European principles of administration, and transferring know-how within their departments of work.

The European Fund for the Balkans is launching a targeted call for applications. Only civil servants from eligible institutions can apply. Applications from candidates in political positions are not accepted. A detailed description of eligibility criteria is presented in Section III. A sufficient period of time (a few months, depending on the cycle) is left for the applicants to get acquainted with the call rules and prepare necessary documents.

By participating in the Programme, the fellows from the targeted institutions will have the opportunity to:

  • gain professional experience in EU countries’ federal or state government agencies during the 3-month fellowship phase,
  • receive training on EU (and other international) issues,
  • receive training on their respective field of expertise,
  • acquire leadership and management skills at seminars,
  • engage with their colleagues from the region and the EU, and thus
  • create links between administrations through individual networks,
  • serve as ambassadors of their respective countries,
  • learn a foreign language and
  • participate in the EFB Community network.


  • Up to 20 scholarships will be available for civil servants in the 2016/2017 programme cycle. The support granted to the Fellow by the EFB is as follows: language training; travel expenses, lodging and meals and participation fees for seminars; travel expenses, relocation package, child allowance and stipend for practice phase.
  • Language training – The EFB will directly pay costs of language training in the home country before the start of the Introduction Seminar. The fellows is responsible for selecting a language training provider and organising his/her language lessons. In total, up to € 1,000.00 of language training costs can be paid by EFB.
  • Introduction and Final seminar – The EFB will cover travel expenses between the location of the fellow’s placement and the location where seminars start and end1.
  • All local travel during seminars will be organised and covered by the EFB. EFB will cover expenses for accommodation during seminars and special events. Hotels will be pre-booked by EFB.
  • Accommodation during the seminars includes breakfast and lunch. The expenses for dinners, except joint dinners organised by EFB, should be covered by the monthly stipend (please read stipend description in the next paragraph). EFB covers participation fees to seminars and special events.
  • Practice phase – The EFB will cover round-trip travel expenses between the fellow’s residence and the host location2. EFB shall assume relocation costs of € 500.00.

Application Procedure:

The application must be completed in English. You will be requested to upload the following documents:

  • Detailed CV in English (maximum 3 pages, pdf). Please upload a CV using the Europass template in English. https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/en/documents/curriculum-vitae/templates-instructions .
  • The CV should include a description of your relevant professional experience to date and a summary of your educational and academic background, such as, name of your home organisation, job title, number of months/years spent in each position, description of your duties and responsibilities, details of the work you have carried out, etc.
  • Letter of consent from your employer (pdf). You are asked to upload a signed and stamped letter of consent from your superior officer or an authorised representative5 stating that you will be approved for the necessary leave of absence from August 26, 2017 to November 24, 2017, in the case that you are accepted for the Fellowship Programme. Please upload the letter of consent using the given template.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the European Fund for the Balkans Fellowship Programme 2017 for Government Officials.

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