Call for Applications

Federation of Young European Green AlterCOP22 Climate Camp 2016 in Marrakech, Morocco (Fully Funded)

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Application Deadline: October 14th 2016

Location: Marrakech, Morocco

Date: November 14-19th 2016


A year after worldwide mobilisations in Paris that led to the first ever international climate agreement with the mention of a 1,5C limit, it seems more and more likely that the COP22 in Morocco will be the first COP of implementation of the Paris’ agreement.  At the COP21, we took a strong engagement: to mobilise, everywhere and anytime necessary, to keep the red lines of a liveable, sustainable and just future unatained. This year, we’ve been all over Europe, in Germany, in the UK, in Turkey, in Poland, in Spain to defend these principles, and COP 22 is the occasion to re-affirm them. Africa, the host of the event, is the continent the most affected by climate change, causing already droughts, famines, and massive displacements of populations. African people are however not responsible of global warming, and should lead us, with our civil society and political partners, to stand this year not only for Climate justice, but also social justice.

In parrallel to other activities in Marrakech, the Alter-COP22 Climate Camp will aim at raising capacity, both in the knowledge of what is at stake after the ratification of such a ‘revolutionnary agreement’, but also in terms of learning the different political strategies implemented by diverse actors to bring the Climate debate back to the people. In cooperation with the European Green Party, we intend to raise capacities of young Greens through skills trainings on hacking the people into the climate debates, may it be through communication tricks or street activism. This will be an occasion to train ourselves, learn from our allies – and our ennemies-, build alliances with actors on the ground, and bring back the climate negotiations to where they belong: to the people!

Main objectives of the event:

  • Build-up knowledge on climate change and climate policy
  • Exchange on different campaigning/advocacy strategies implemented by other actors in terms of climate action
  • Harness communication,debating & advocacy skills
  • Strengthen non-violent action and civil disobedience activism
  • Build  a space for networking, building and strengtening alliances, with our allies in the Green family at the international level and civil society movements in Europe and Africa
  • Empower the participants to be multipliers in their organisations


  • FYEG are welcoming 30 young Greens from all over Europe to join us for this very exciting adventure. If you are interested, we invite you to fill this form before 12th of October midnight CET.
  • FYEG will reimburse up to 100% of your travel costs according to limits communicated to selected participants, and will provide food and accomodation for the duration of the event.
  • For any questions or clarifications, please contact Marie in putting in cc. Kim ( and Gio (

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Federation of Young European Green AlterCOP22 Climate Camp

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