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Fulbright Junior Research Scholarship Program (JRS) 2019 for Thai citizens

Application Deadline: Friday, November 2, 2018.

Fulbright Thailand, in cooperation with the Thailand Research Fund (TRF), is pleased to announce theFulbright – Thailand Research Fund Junior Research Scholarship Program,” which is aimed to develop the capabilities of Thai university staff members and interested persons to gain six months of research experience in the United States as part of their doctoral dissertation requirements.

Five (5) grants are available for the 2019 academic year. Two (2) will be awarded under the Fulbright Program and up to three (3) will be under the Fulbright-TRF partnership.

The program aims to develop the capabilities of doctoral candidates studying at Thai universities, particularly the university staff members, to conduct their research in the U.S. for six months as a part of their doctoral dissertation requirements while building their professional network through contacts with American professors and scholars.

Up to five (5) grants are available annually, three (3) of which are for the Royal Golden Jubilee’s doctoral students, funded by the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) and two for general doctoral students.

The grant covers round-trip international travel expenses from Thailand to the United States, monthly stipend for 6 months, health insurance coverage, and in-transit allowance. The Foundation will also provide preliminary and pre-departure orientations for the grantees while facilitating visa process and other relevant procedures.


  1. Be a Thai citizen in good health;
  2. Be a Ph.D. candidate, who has completed coursework in a Thai university.


  1. Hold U.S. immigrant visas or permanent U.S. resident cards (green cards), or dual (Thai and U.S.) citizenships;
  2. Have had extensive experience in the United States during the previous five years;
  3. Have held a Fulbright grant within the past five years;
  4. Have received a J-1 visa within the past two years.



  1. Be physically present in Bangkok at the time of interview;
  2. Attend preliminary orientation during mid-February and pre-departure orientation during the second week of June;
  3. Be willing and able to serve as a recourse person and a cultural ambassador in the United States in seminars, conferences, or in other capacities requested by the host institution or community;
  4. Be prepared to participate in academic and alumni activities related to the program upon return to Thailand.


  1. Complete application form;
  2. Research proposal (3-5 pages);
  3. Biographical essay (1-2 pages) that describes your personality traits, passion, goals, and relevance of your work in a narrative writing style;
  4. Have a valid English proficiency score:
    • TOEFL ITP official score report of at least 525 or;
    • TOEFL iBT official score report of at least 71 or;
    • CUTEP of at least 75.
  5. Transcripts of both master and doctoral (current study) degrees;
  6. CV/Resume;
  7. Written confirmation (Letter of Invitation) from your host university/institution in the U.S.;
  8. Two letters of recommendation. These can be obtained from your supervisors or employers in Thailand, or your host professors/supervisors in the U.S. If submitting hard copies, the letters must be sealed and signed by the recommenders, and included in the packet of your application. If submitting online, the recommenders must e-mail them directly to tusef@fulbrightthai.org.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Fulbright Junior Research Scholarship Program (JRS) 2019

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