Google 2019 Engineering Practicum internship program for Undergraduate Students

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Application Deadline: 1st of Apr, 2019

Google Engineering Practicum (EP) is an internship for second-year undergraduate students with a passion for computer science. The program has a focus on providing development opportunities to students from historically underrepresented groups in tech through technical training, software engineering project work, and professional development.

Google aspires to be an organization that reflects the globally diverse audience that our search engine and tools serve. We believe that, in addition to hiring the best talent, a diversity of perspectives, ideas and cultures leads to the creation of better products and services. Google is invested in increasing the pipeline of future computer scientists and software developers, particularly those who are historically underrepresented in the field. Many aspiring computer scientists could benefit from a program that bridges the gap between academic study and a professional internship. We want to inspire these students to continue in the field with this program.

With this in mind, Google announces that the 2019 Engineering Practicum internship program will now be open to university students currently in their second year, majoring, or intending to major in Computer Science or a related field. This program includes three main components: a software project, skills-based training and professional development.

This summer internship program includes:

  • Software Project: A three-month development project that you will work on with a team of Googlers and other Engineering Practicum interns.
  • Skills-Based Training: Enhance your coding skills. Gain exposure to new tools and programming languages.
  • Professional Development: Attend ongoing technical talks by senior Googlers. Additionally, learn how to enhance your resume, dive into technical interviews and improve your presentation and communication skills.
  • Mentorship: Be matched with a Google engineer, other than your manager, who will help to guide you through your internship experience.
  • Fun: Engage in social activities, community building and networking. Build relationships with your peers.
  • Exposure: Gain a unique glimpse into applying your computer science studies in a professional environment.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Google 2019 Engineering Practicum internship program

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