Google News Lab 2018 Fellowship at ProPublica for undergraduate and graduate students.

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Application Deadline: January 15th 2018

As a Google News Lab fellow at ProPublica, you’ll sit among and work with some of the best data and investigative journalists on the planet, doing data analysis at the highest level and turning it into compelling interactive and visual journalism that changes the world.

The team you’ll work with stands at the crossroads of many disciplines, including data science, infographics design, programming and journalism. Fellows who are already familiar with at least two of these areas will hone their existing skills and learn new ones at ProPublica over their 10 weeks in the program.

In order to be considered, you must be a current undergraduate or graduate student, and be eligible to work in the United States. Fellows will receive a stipend of $9,000 and a travel budget of $1,000 from Google during the 10-week program, which runs from June-August.

ProPublica’s fellow will be based at our headquarters in New York.

As a fellow, you’ll have the chance to work on projects that touch any or all of the following areas:

  • Data analysis: Much of our work involves understanding data and using it to tell journalistic stories. Our data reporters and editors are involved in the entire data lifecycle, from acquisition and filtering to mining and presentation.
  • Design/visualization: Our team works at the forefront of information architecture and visual design in data journalism. We make data visualizations and interactive databases that help people explore and understand their world better.
  • Investigative journalism: Our work involves stories that truly matter and that have impact in the real world. In fact, having impact is our mission as a nonprofit organization. This leads us to make decisions like open-sourcing our code, sharing our data, and giving our stories away for free.

The ideal fellow has:

  • Some experience in data analysis, infographic design, programming and/or journalism. This can be projects you’ve turned in for homework, something you’ve tinkered around with on your own (even if it isn’t complete), a piece you’ve published, or any kind of similar experience.
  • A desire to make the world a better, safer and more accountable place.

In your application’s CV and personal statement, make sure to include:

  • What appeals to you about ProPublica and why you want to be a fellow here.
  • Your portfolio/clips. Write about one or two projects you’ve worked on and what tools you used to make them.
  • A list or description of what data analysis tools you’ve used (ex: Excel, R, SQL) and what programming languages you’re familiar with (ex: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Ruby).

If all of this sounds exciting to you, apply directly to be placed at ProPublica. You can also read more about the Google News Lab Fellowship.

The deadline for applications is Jan. 15, 2018.

Have questions about what ProPublica is looking for that aren’t covered above? Email Sisi Wei, Deputy Editor for News Applications, at sisi.wei@propublica.org.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Google News Lab 2018 Fellowship at ProPublica

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