Making All Voices Count Open Data Lab Data Science Fellowship Program 2016 for Creative Data Scientist – Indonesia

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Making All Voices Count are looking for a passionate, experienced and creative data scientist who will work with the Web Foundation’s Open Data Lab Jakarta, the Making All Voices Count Tech Hub partner in Indonesia.

The Fellow will help develop, test and evaluate models, and build evidence for the value of openly available government data in tackling practical problems faced by developing and emerging economies in in the Southeast Asia region.

The Fellow will be asked to:

  • Contribute to the scanning and mapping of publicly available data sets in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, including an assessment of their quality;
  • Draw findings, insights and conclusions from open government data;
  • Contribute to the development of concepts, applications, tools, frameworks, and/or various online or offline media (e.g. visualizations, blog post, short papers, or any other type of publications), based on identified datasets to demonstrate the value of open data;
  • Provide mentorship and technical assistance to social innovators involved in the Open Data Lab Jakarta’s Innovation for Open Cities project;
  • Provide trainings, including preparing training materials, on data analysis to various audiences (e.g. CSOs, government officials, journalists, academia, developers);
  • Contribute to activities such as design workshops, data dives, community meetups, and other types of activities for a growing open data community in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia;

The Fellow must be a citizen of Indonesia or foreign national in possession of work permit in Indonesia and fluent in Bahasa Indonesia.

If you are interested in working with us, please send the following to the Making All Voices Count Capacity Development Officer – akabari@ushahidi.com– with “Application: OD Lab Data Science Fellowship” as the subject:

  • A cover letter (NOT a CV)detailing your location, expertise and explaining why you think you are suitable for the OD Lab Data Science Fellow role.
  • A short description(in English; no more than 1,000 words) on how you would carry out the data collection, processing and analysis of a government data set available in HTML tables on their website. Detail how you would carry out the data scraping, transforming, cleaning and subsequent analysis of the data set. Include / attach a sample of a data analysis and/or visualisation that you have undertaken in the past that used the process you have described.

Fellows Register

To join the Fellow’s Register, send an email to our Capacity Development Officer, Angela Kabari at akabari@ushahidi.com. Please be sure to:

  • Attach a current CV
  • Briefly summarise your skills and experience, and any areas of expertise that would make you a suitable Fellow
  • Confirm your country of residence
Please note that we are only able to recruit Fellows in one of our focus countries. These are currently Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Indonesia, the Philippines, Liberia, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mozambique, Uganda and Nigeria.
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