Marines Corp Innovation Challenge 2016 for Marines.

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Application Deadline: July 15th 2016

Submit your idea in the National Security Technology Accelerator MD5 Ideation Tool

The Innovation Challenge gives Marines a chance to better the Corps with ideas that’ll improve their unit or mission.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Creativity : How original is this idea?
  • Collaboration : How much have they worked on
    this idea with others?
  • Ease to Implement : How achievable is this idea?
  • Overall Benefit : How much would this benefi the Marine Corps?


1. Your Idea? You do it.

• You have the opportunity to implement your idea with cutting-edge labs

2. Marine Corps Leadership Engagement

• Senior Marine Corps leadership is ready to listen and act on your idea

3. Public Recognition

• You will be recognized via multiple social and print media outlets



Wearable Technologies range from smart watches and glasses to body sensors. How would you use wearable technologies to give Marines an advantage on the battlefield? The purpose of this challenge is to solicit how Marines, Sailors, and Civilians are thinking about using wearable technologies. This is an enormous industry that the Department of Defense (DoD) has yet to fully embrace. Yet, this technology area has potential across all warfighting functions. Further, as consumers, most Marines have already adopted wearable technologies for personal use. It’s time to find new and creative ways to implement wearables that give us a tactical advantage over our adversaries.


Building off the international Maker movement, you now have four weeks and unlimited resources to build a product to make your unit better using 3D printing or a similar technology.

What are you going to make? Solutions can range from new rifle scopes to new radios to new vehicles. The purpose of this challenge is to expose Marines, Sailors and Civilians to the tools, methods, and benefits of rapid prototyping, also known as “Making.”

The Making movement has been enabled by several recent technologies such as 3D printers, laser cutters, mini Computer Numerical Control (CNC) mills, easy-to-use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, simple sensors, and inexpensive micro-computers. With the right tools and instruction, what might a Marine Make? Would these solutions improve warfighting capability, either while in garrison or forward deployed?

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Marines Corp Innovation Challenge

Submission Method.
National Security Technology Accelerator MD5 Ideation Tool as Primary
Webform as Secondary
Email as Back-up
Submission Requirements.
• Who:
• What:
• How:

• Why:

Who is the submitter? (Name, EDIPI)
What is the end product?
How would this type of technology change the battlespace?
How would it be used and for what purpose?
Why is it an imperative that the Marine Corps pursue this technology?
What advantage would it provide?
For any issues or questions.
• Contact us at:


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