MEXT Japanese Government Young Leaders’ Program 2016 for study in Japan.

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Application Deadline:

The Young Leaders’ Program (YLP) aims to cultivate national leaders of the future in Asia and around the world. In addition, while enhancing the participants’ understanding about Japan, it should help form a network among national leaders, contributing to the establishment of friendly relations and improved policy planning activities between worldwide, including Japan.
The YLP is one of the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT*) Scholarship Student systems. *MEXT = Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Eligibile Countries:

Participants are selected from the countries listed below. They should be young public administrators and government officials who are expected to play active roles in the future as national leaders in their home countries.

Eligible Countries:

  • P. R. China, Rep. of Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey(29 Countries)

Host University

National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)

Number of Students

Recruitment and Selection

Approximately 20 students

(1) Method of Recruitment
Recruitment will be conducted through the recommending authorities of each eligible country. Please ask the Japanese Embassy for further information.
(2) Screening Procedure
[1] First screening by the recommending authorities
[2] Second screening by GRIPS
[3] Final screening by the YLP committee organized by MEXT



(1) Basic Concepts
The curriculum is designed to train and cultivate national leaders in their respective fields of government, who are seeking to take advantage of Japan’s experiences of interaction with both Western and Asian countries and also to establish a human network through various activities, such as special lectures, colloquium, independent study, field trips, etc.

(2) Course Duration and Qualification
Course duration is one year, resulting in the conferral of a Master’s Degree in Public Administration/Public Policy by GRIPS.

(3) Language
All lectures are conducted in English.

Commencement of the Program

October 2016

MEXT will offer scholarships to foreign students who wish to study at GRIPS as YLP students in public administration/public policy for the academic year 2015 under the MEXT Scholarship Program. The conditions are as follows:

1. Field of Study

Public Administration/Public Policy

2. Qualifications

(1) Nationality: Applicants must be nationals of countries eligible for the YLP (School of Government).

(2) Age: Applicants must be, in principle, under 40 years of age, as at 1 October, 2016 (i.e. born on or after 2 October 1976).

(3) Academic Background: Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized/accredited university or college, and have achieved shown excellent academic performance.

(4) Work Experience: At least 3 years of full-time work experience in public administration (preferably 5 years or more).

(5) English Proficiency: A minimum TOEFL-iBT score of 79 (TOEFL-PBT score of 550), IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.

(6) Health: Applicants must be in good health.

(7) Visa Requirement: In principle, selected applicants must acquire “College Student”(ryuugaku 留学) visas before entering Japan. The visas should be issued at the Japanese legation, located in the country of applicants’ nationality.  Applicants who change their resident status to any status other than “College Student” after their arrival in Japan will immediately lose their status as a Japanese government scholarship student.

(8) Applicants who meet any or all of following conditions are not eligible. If identified after acceptance of the scholarship grantees, the applicants will be required to withdraw from the scholarship:
[1] If an applicant is a service member or a civilian employee registered on the active military list at the time of his/her arrival in Japan;
[2] Those who cannot arrive in Japan during the period designated by accepting university;
[3] If an applicant is, in principle, currently enrolled in a Japanese university or other type of school with the resident status of “College Student,” or will be enrolled in a Japanese university, etc. as another source or self-financed international student between the time of application for this scholarship in his/her country and the time the scholarship period is due to begin; or
[4] Those who will lose their status as public administrators or government officials following the time of application or before completion of the program.

Scholarship Benefits

(1) Allowance: Each grantee will be provided monthly with 242,000 yen during the term of the scholarship. However, the amount of allowance will be subject to change depending upon the annual budget of the Japanese government for each fiscal year. The scholarship will not be paid to a grantee who takes a leave of absence or is long absent from the assigned university.
The scholarships will be cancelled for a grantee in the following cases. Furthermore, if scholarship payments were made during the period the following cases applied, the grantees may be ordered to return scholarship payments received during that period:
[1] If any of his/her application documents is found to be falsely stated;
[2] If he/she is in breach of his/her pledge made to the Minister of MEXT;
[3] If it becomes definitive that the grantee will not be able to graduate (or complete his/her course) within the standard course term because of his/her poor academic achievement or suspension;
[4] If his/her resident status of “College Student” as provided for in Paragraph 1-4 of Appendix to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act changes to any other status;
[5] If he/she is provided with another scholarship (except for a scholarship designated for research expenses); or
[6] If grantee’s government and/or other state institutions request such cancellation.

(2) Traveling Costs:
[1] Transportation to Japan: Each grantee will be supplied in general, accounting to his/her itinerary and route as designated by MEXT, with an economy-class airplane ticket from the international airport nearest to his/her home address* to Narita or Haneda International Airport. Expenses such as domestic transportation from his/her home address to the international airport, airport tax, airport usage fees, special taxes on travel, or inland transportation within Japan will NOT be supplied. *The address in the country of the grantee’s nationality stated in the application form is in principle regarded as the recipient’s “home address”.
[2] Transportation from Japan: The grantee who returns to his/her home country within the fixed period after the expiration of his/her scholarship will be supplied, in general, upon application, with an economy-class airplane ticket for the travel from Narita or Haneda International Airport to the international airport nearest to his/her home address.
* Insurance premiums for travel to/ from Japan shall be borne by the grantee.
(3) School Fees: Fees for matriculation and tuition will be paid by the Japanese government.
(4) Accommodations:
[1] In principle, grantees may reside at residence halls provided by GRIPS.
[2]Private Boarding Houses or Apartment Houses:
Those who cannot accommodate in the facilities described above will be arranged at private boarding houses or apartments recommended by the GRIPS Student Office.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the MEXT Japanese Government Young Leaders’ Program 2016 for study in Japan.

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