New India Foundation Fellowship for Indian Scholars & Writers.

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Application Deadline: September 30th 2016

The core activity of the New India Foundation are the New India Fellowships, awarded to scholars and writers working on different aspects of the history of independent India. From a large pool of several hundred applications, about twelve proposals are short-listed, with these candidates appearing before a jury. Each round, between three and six fellowships are awarded. The duration of the fellowships is twelve months. Fellows are paid Rs. 100,000 a month.



  • The New India Fellowships are open only to Indian nationals, including those currently living abroad.
  • Fellowship holders are expected to write original books. Their proposals should be oriented towards final publication, and outline a road map towards that destination.
  • The Foundation is ecumenical as regards genre, theme, and ideology: the only requirement is that the proposed works contribute to the fuller understanding of independent India. Thus Fellowship holders may choose to write a memoir, or a work of reportage, or a thickly footnoted academic study. T
  • heir books could be oriented towards economics, or politics, or culture.
  • They could be highly specific-an account of a single decade or a single region-or wide-ranging, such as a countrywide overview.

Candidates for the New India Fellowship are sought through select advertising in leading journals. The Trustees assess the proposals and make a short list from the submissions. The shortlisted candidates are called for an interview, before a jury consisting of eminent people from the worlds of scholarship, business, and social service.

How to Apply
The eighth round of the New India Fellowships is now open. Applicants are expected to submit the following: CV with contact details (email ID mandatory) Book proposal Writing sample of at least 5000 words (published or unpublished)

The Managing Trustee,
The New India Foundation,
22 A Brunton Road,
Bangalore 560025.
Phone 080-2559-0088

Entries may be sent by post or courier. Email applications will not be entertained. The phone number is provided as courier services may demand it. Any queries must only be addressed to newindiafoundation@gmail.com.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the New India Fellowships 2016

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