New Zealand Harkness Fellowships 2018

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Application Deadline- 15 October 2018

Disruption and the public sector – your chance to play a role

We live in an age of accelerating complexity. The world is much less predictable than it used to be. We need leaders who understand the nature of the disruptive economic, technological, social and environmental forces that are reshaping our world

Public sector leaders who can help governments grapple with the implications and develop responses for those disruptions across the spectrum of public policy and administration are more important than ever.

That’s why the New Zealand Harkness Fellowships Trust is this year looking for applications from emerging New Zealand leaders who are keen to explore how public sector organisations can respond to and harness disruptive forces.

The Fellowship is available to mid-career professionals in any field of study or vocation (excluding health care policy and practice) to study or research in the United States for between eight and twelve weeks. One New Zealand Harkness Fellowship worth NZ$30,000 will be offered in 2018 (for travel in 2019), to a person who is currently employed in a public sector organisation* in New Zealand.

You could be looking at how the rise of cryptocurrencies will impact tax policies or the use of artificial intelligence to deliver better government services. The common theme to the work of our past Harkness Fellows is that they have returned from the US with ideas, knowledge and contacts to apply here to make sure we have a world-class public sector capable of responding to emerging challenges and opportunities.

* This includes the State Services, tertiary education institutions, State-Owned Enterprises and Crown companies, agencies that operate as part of the Legislative Branch of Government, and local Government.


To be eligible, you must:
– be a New Zealand citizen who is currently residing in New Zealand;
– be an early to mid-career professional active in any part of the public sector;
– be a potential leader and opinion-former in your chosen field;
– have an interest in learning from your experience in the US and be capable of putting to effect in NZ, relevant lessons learned.

The Fellowship is not intended for post-graduate or academic research. It provides an opportunity for emerging leaders in New Zealand to develop their ideas, practices and contacts in the US.


A fellowship valued at up to NZ$30,000 is offered in 2018 (for an award start date in 2019). New Zealand Harkness Fellowships are intended to contribute towards travel costs (international and domestic), accommodation and per diem expenses. The funds are not intended for the purchase of equipment or any other research costs. Additional costs, in excess of NZ$30,000, must be met by the Fellow and/or their New Zealand employer.
A basic health benefit plan covering a maximum of US$50,000 per sickness or injury.

How to Apply:

You must complete and submit the application form below by the application deadline. You must also submit all required support documents to us by the application deadline. These include:

  • A CV of no more than four pages;
  • A scan of the photo page of your passport;
  • A letter of invitation from a potential host organisation in the US;
  • A short statement about any previous experience in the US;
  • A statement from your employer about your leadership experience and potential;
  • A letter from your employer confirming their support for your participation in the programme;
  • A one-page project statement; and
  • References  from three referees (the letter from your employer can count).

For More Information:

Visit the Official page of the New Zealand Harkness Fellowships 2018

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