OpenDataNI Challenge 2016 Using Open Data for Education (20,000 Pounds Sterling Prize)

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Application Deadline: 28th September 2016 at 5pm.

Have you an idea of how to use open data to develop a teaching resource or tool?

Enter the OpenDataNI Challenge to be in with the chance of winning £20,000 to develop your idea

The competition is jointly funded by the Department of Finance and the Department for the Economy on behalf of the Northern Ireland Digital Catapult and is supported by the NI Science Park, ODI Belfast, and Ulster University.

Applicants are asked to harness the power of public sector open data on OpenDataNI in the development of new teaching resources which can be used by schools. The resource can be developed for either primary or secondary level education.

The proposal is left deliberately wide so that solutions could be pitched using open data to provide rich resources across a range of subjects within the NI curriculum such as environmental, social and geographical topics as well as maths, computer programming etc.


The competition will be run in two phases.

Phase 1 – applicants are asked to submit a paper based proposal for their teaching resource/tool. From these applications, 6 will be awarded £2,500 and given 6 weeks to develop their idea to a prototype

Phase 2 – 2 of the 6 prototypes will be selected to receive £20,000 each and given 15 weeks to develop a fully working teaching resource

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