Call for Applications

Promotion of Young Scientists in Eastern Europe (PROMYS) Swiss grant for young scientists 2015

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Application Deadline:

Deadline for pre-registration: 30 August 2015
Submission deadline for the proposal (extended synopsis and full proposal): 5 October 2015
The new initiative “Promotion of Young Scientists in Eastern Europe (PROMYS)” is aimed at qualified researchers from co untries in Eastern Europe who have carried out their doctoral or post- doctoral research in Switzerland and have returned or intend to return to their or another NMS country.
The PROMYS should encourage the best next-generation talents to carry out research work in these countries. The performance of universities and research institutions will be improved, as young and promising researchers are able to establish themselves at their institutions thanks to support from the PROMYS initiative.
PROMYS is designed to support Principal Investigators from Eastern Europe at the stage where
they consolidate their own independent research team or programme. The grants will strengthen independent and excellent new individual research teams that have been recently created.
Swiss grant for young scientists
Main applicants must fulfil the following conditions:
  • Either nationality of an NMS country or study/work experience of at least three years in an NMS country
  • Doctorate or post-doctorate (or part of it) in Switzerland; at least two successive years
  • 3-5 years of experience since completion of PhD at time of submission
  • At the time of submission: planned or existing position at a research institution in an Eastern European NMS country
Eligible countries:
  •  Bulgaria – Hungary – Romania- Croatia – Latvia – Slovakia- Czech Republic- Lithuania – Slovenia- Estonia – Poland
  • Provision of high-level publications
  • Submission of an excellent research proposal
  • The maximum duration of the project is 60 months. The minimum duration is 36 months. The earliest possible start of funding is on 1 August 2016.
The maximum amount for a five-year project is CHF 625,000. The funding will be adapted for a shorter project. Overall, a budget of 5.0 million Swiss francs will be available. Approximately eight grants will be awarded. There will be no quota per country.
Eligible costs:
  • Research funds: all funds needed to carry out the project, such as consumables necessary for the proposed work, publication costs, computer, travel costs, field expenses, expendable items, contractual costs and unavoidable sundry expenses
  • Salaries, social security contributions and other salary related costs: Salaries for the main PI (full time) as well as scientific staff members, according to the time spent on the project.
  • Equipment: the costs of material of enduring value, max. 20% of the budget (indicate manufacturer, type and distributor). Quotations – if possible, from different competitors – must be enclosed for items whose purchase price exceeds CHF 20,000.
  • Overhead for the host institute (maximum 15% of the total budget)
  • Mentoring activities (maximum 5% of the budget)
  • Subcontracting costs and costs to access large facilities owned by third parties that are not used on the grantees’ premises

Submission Procedure:

  • Proposals must be submitted online via the mySNF portal. User registration can be obtained on the my SNF homepage:
  • Pre-registration: In order to facilitate the evaluation procedure, we kindly ask the main applicants to open their PROMYS proposals in mySNF, and to indicate the title of the project and the discipline.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Promotion of Young Scientists in Eastern Europe (PROMYS)

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