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RAW ACADEMY (24th October-11th December 2016) – Residential Analytical Study Programme 2016 – Fully Funded to Dakar, Senegal.

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RAW Academy is a residential analytical study programme of artistic and curatorial thought and practice inquiry taking place in Dakar. It is aimed at freshly graduates from art schools, curatorial programmes and humainites. It is dedicated to a lively reflection on artistic thinking, curatorial practice and critical writing. The programme is structured around two distinctive sessions per year of 8 weeks each taking place from October to December and from April to June.

RAW Academy exposes participating fellows and Lead Faculty to the current critical and dynamic artistic environment of Dakar as well to its history, while providing them with a free space for exploration, investigation, research and production of their own ideas. The programme is designed to promote intense exchange and continuous dialogue organized around public and closed sessions that include seminars, presentations, research, production, and visits of cultural institutions. Exhibitions and publications will be conceived and elaborated within this context for production at a later stage.

Each session is directed by a Lead Faculty who has displayed an off the beaten paths practice of artistic and curatorial imagination. Every academy session is built around a relevant conceptual framework elaborated by the Lead Faculty with contributions of invited fellow professionals. The conceptual framework is a compelling basis for the analysis and production of the fellows’ as well as the faculty’s work and areas of inquiry. The Lead Faculty has absolute freedom for the conception of the content of the programme for the session of her/his responsibility.

onceptual Framework SESSION 1

Hunger Incorporated

This session proposes to engage critically with the present-day global neoliberal regime of production of excess and conditions of extremeness, with a focus on the realities at play on  the African continent using the economies of natural resources as its investigative thread. Hunger Incorporated refers to the right to basic sustenance and the threat of lack of access to nutrition, the hunger for resources resulting from exponential economic growth, hunger as constant craving and the relentless inability for satiation, hunger as blind ambition, hunger as the impetus for compensating a lack or lag, hunger as compulsive accumulation and the stand-in for utopia, and hunger as one of the allegorical and sublimated manifestations of anxiety.

It also refers to the market-driven economic regime’s systemic production of needs, conditioning and control within the logic of neo-liberal capital, from the anxiety of the quotidian relationship to the real, to the looming superlative promise of dystopia. While the economies of extraction, processing and transport of oil, coal, metals and minerals have been the constitutional marrow of twentieth and twenty-first century capitalism, their economies have been notably abstracted from visibility, representation and narrative, rigs and mines are often cordoned with stringent policing. The seminar will plumb this constellation of questions, themes and representations through a series of lecture by economists, curators, artists and art historians, workshops conducted by artists and filmmakers, and film screenings.

The programme is tuition free.

Sucessful applicants will have to cover for their travel arrangements (including visa), accommodation, insurance and costs of living in Dakar for 8 weeks. 

Depending on work schedule, simple meals/snacks may be offered occasionally


1. Successful applicants are required to commit to be in Dakar throughout the duration of the session; arriving no later than a day before the beginning and departing no earlier than a day after the end. 

2. Be a graduate of an art school, curatorial programme, architecture school or any department of humanities

3. Be fluent in either French or English and have a fair knowledge of the other. Successful applicants will be skype interviewed in both languages for assessment.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the RAW Academy

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