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Register for a Free Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas 6-week #Data Exploration and Storytelling Course

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Editors now expect reporters on every news desk to know how to find and use databases to uncover and explain complex topics. However, knowing where to start or how to best manage the data is a major challenge. Additionally, many of the resulting stories are dry, technical and lack the ability to engage readers.

The new massive open online course from the Knight Center will teach you how to use data as a source to tell stories with engaging narratives.

“Data Exploration and Storytelling: Finding Stories in Data with Exploratory Analysis and Visualization” will take place from Jan. 16 to Feb. 26, 2017. Click here to register for the six-week course with Alberto Cairo and Heather Krause.

The course will teach students how to extract journalistic stories from data using visualization, exploratory data analysis and other techniques. Participants will leave knowing how to find data, how to understand it, how to build stories using that data and how to implement best practices around ethics and data.

The six weekly modules of the course are organized as follows:

  1. Finding and Understanding Data
  2. Character Development for your Data Story
  3. Basic Plot Elements of Your Story
  4. Advancing the Plot of Your Story
  5. The Plot Thickens in your Data Story
  6. Putting the Data Story Together

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Knight Center 6-week #Data Exploration and Storytelling Course

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