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Scripps Howard Foundation/ProPublica Yearlong Fellowship 2019 for Journalism graduates ($USD 50,000 Pay plus Benefits)

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Application Deadline:October 15th, 2018

The Scripps Howard Foundation offers a 12-month fellowship program in conjunction with the Scripps News Washington Bureau/Newsy and ProPublica. The program, which starts in June 2019, is a paid opportunity for postgraduates looking to kick start their journalism career. Your degree does not have to be in journalism to be considered. We are looking for people with a demonstrated passion and commitment to journalism, and a desire to become a future leader in the industry.

Here are the tracks you can choose to apply in:

Investigative Reporting (offered both at ProPublica and Scripps/Newsy)
Journalism is still about telling people something they didn’t know. Having the skills to find that information and synthesize into a compelling story is as crucial as ever. You’ll work with some of the best investigative journalists in the business to find important accountability stories. report them. Your primary outlet will be broadcast, with a focus on visually immersive, documentary style video production and narrative story telling like this one and this one.

Engagement Reporting (at ProPublica)
ProPublica has developed a deep expertise in cultivating communities to fuel its journalism. (Yes, that’s really a thing.) Engagement can often be a euphemism for simply social media. This is about much more than that. ProPublica uses the tools of the Internet and communities to fuel reporting. You’ll be working with ProPublica’s engagement team and reporters throughout ProPublica to report and produce powerful, hard-hitting journalism.

Multimedia storytelling (at ProPublica)
ProPublica’s social and engagement team uses video and motion graphics to show visual elements of our investigations that reach audiences within social media platforms. Successful visual investigations have looked into white supremacists who assaulted people at protests in Berkeley, misconduct by a Chicago police officer and members of a neo-Nazi group that discussed domestic terrorism in a secret chat room. You’ll work with our small team to produce visual investigations and develop strategies for audience growth. You’ll learn about design and visual storytelling and have the opportunity to better your motion graphics and video editing skills.

Data Reporting (at ProPublica)
ProPublica is a leader in using data to tell important stories, uncover hidden issues and empower readers to investigate their own lives. You’ll be a key member of the data team, assisting with the conception and execution of the data-driven investigations ProPublica is known for. You’ll gain experience in collecting, cleaning, evaluating and analyzing data for news stories; proficiently use data analysis languages such as SQL and R; and learn how to bulletproof and spot-check your data to ensure accuracy.

Broadcast Newsroom 360 The journalism at the Scripps Washington Bureau/Newsy is built from the ground up – idea by idea, story by story. You’ll work with a variety of teams and learn how to hone your pitches, develop sources, interview and build your skills reporting and writing short, medium and long-form stories across platforms. From text to broadcast, digital video to podcasting, breaking news to investigative, you’ll be exercising all your journalism muscles as part of a large newsroom creating a diversity of stories.


  1. Can demonstrate their potential in their preferred specialty. That can mean having previous work in the area, or having a deep understanding of it.
  2. Are committed to telling stories about abuses of power.
  3. Are excited about all the ways we can do journalism nowadays: from deep data-digging, to working with readers, viewers and listeners to marrying narrative and investigative forms.
  4. Really likes working with others. Many in newsrooms have their own superpowers, whether it’s sourcing, document-diving, data, engagement or design. The best work is often together.

Submission Requirements:

  1. The most important part by far is your past work. Please send us three clips.
  2. A memo describing what specialty you’re picking, and how you’ll be able to contribute in it.
  3. Your resume


Completed Bachelor’s Degree by June 1, 2019
Up to five years in the workforce
Able to work from mid-June 2019 through mid-June 2020
An online portfolio
A passion for journalism and a desire to build your leadership skills

*Note: If your references prefer to send a letter of recommendation to us directly, have them email it to: Be sure to have them include your name in the email subject line.

**Note: Foreign applicants are welcome for this opportunity, however, you must be able to secure the proper credentials to work in the United States.he Scripps Howard Foundation will not be able to provide any assistance with this process.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Yearlong Scripps Howard Foundation/ProPublica Fellowship 2019

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