Call for Applications

Shanghai Summer School (BRICS Program) 2016

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Application Deadline:

Duration: July 6, 2016 – August 3, 2016

Place: Handan Campus, Fudan University

The Shanghai Summer School (BRICS Program) 2016 by Fudan University aims to provide students and young researchers from BRICS countries an opportunity to better understand BRICS, China, Shanghai and Fudan University.

The Program provides the participants with around 95 hours of lecture, which consists of three modules: “Global Governance and Cooperation among BRICS”, “China’s Politics and Diplomacy” and “Happy in Shanghai”, and in which “Global Governance and Cooperation among BRICS” and “China’s Politics and Diplomacy” take 4 credits in total.

Candidates and Tuition

Candidates: Undergraduates, graduates and research fellows.

Enrollment: 50 students in total; 20 of them are scholarship students sponsored by the BRICS Program, and the rest are self-financing students.

Tuition and other fees:

  1. Details of fees: tuition fee (8000RMB), registration fee (400RMB), insurance (160RMB), accommodation criteria listed in the following table. Self-financing events on the schedule are not included in tuition fee.
  2. Accommodation: Both scholarship students and self-financing students can choose their accommodation from three types of rooms, but the allocation of rooms depends on the available rooms provided by international students’ accommodation office. The accommodation fee will be charged by the international students’ accommodation office.
  3. Four single bedrooms with a living room (no kitchen and elevator) 55 RMB / day per person
    Double room with kitchen and elevator 70 RMB / day per person
    Single room with kitchen and elevator 100 RMB / day per person
  4. Students sponsored by the Program can waive tuition fee, registration fee, and insurance. For accommodation, Center for BRICS Studies will subsidize 55 RMB per person per day. If he/she chooses the accommodation criteria which is higher than 55 RMB per day, he/she need to pay the extra fee by himself/herself. Travel expenses from his/her home country to China and back, Visa fee, meals and other personal costs should be paid by himself/herself.
  5. Self-financing students need to pay tuition fee, registration fee, accommodation and insurance;
  6. The travel around Shanghai is a self-financing event. The travel expenses are to be confirmed.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Shanghai Summer School (BRICS Program)


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