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Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Awards 2017 for New Businesses in the UK ( £5,000)

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Application Deadline: June 30th 2017

Shell has one £5,000 Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award to give away each month to new businesses in the UK (in their first 12 months of trading).

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Does your business service the UK market? (i.e. Is your business based in the UK)
  2. Are you, and all business partners, UK residents?
  3. Will you, and all business partners, be between the ages of 16-30 (inclusive) on the last day of the month you are applying for funding?
  4. Have you been trading for less than 12 months, or, are you a pre-start that is no more than 12 months (maximum) away from starting to trade? Our definition of trading is classed as the date you first receive payment for goods or services. (Please note, the business idea must be your own. As such, franchises or subsidiaries of other companies are not eligible.)
  5. Do you have an innovative business idea that will provide a solution to the UK’s future transport, food, energy, or natural resource challenges, or make our urban environments cleaner and more sustainable places to work and live in?

The Judging Process

Each month, we award a monthly prize of £5,000 to young entrepreneurs looking to implement innovative business solutions that meet the energy and resource needs of a growing population, in any one of the following four ways (All submissions must meet at least one of the following four criteria to have a chance of being considered for the award):1.Smarter use of natural resources

  • The Challenge: By 2030, society will need between 30% and 40% more water, food and other natural resources.
  • Shell LiveWIRE supports the most innovative and commercially viable solutions that reduce, reuse or recycle essential natural resources to help meet the demands from a growing population.
  • You could be an entrepreneur who developed a technology to calculate the lifespan of fresh food to reduce food waste, a shower system which uses water more efficiently or developed a process for producing plastic from organic material, like banana skins.
  • A previous Shell LiveWIRE winner was BananaBerry, a start-up company that created a process to turn food waste into healthy smoothies for office workers.

2.Shaping a sustainable energy future

  • The Challenge: By 2030, energy demand could grow by as much as 50% [2].
  • Shell LiveWIRE supports innovators with ideas that could enhance energy efficiency, improve renewable energy technologies or reduce carbon emissions.
  • You might be an entrepreneur who has developed a fridge that can stay cold without constant electricity supply, intelligent software which enables users to measure and manage the energy consumption of their household devices remotely, or a software technology that allows small communities to trade energy generated from renewable sources.
  • Aqua Power Technologies, an engineering start-up that designs technology to generate renewable energy from waves in a more efficient way, funded the patent of their innovative technology through the support received from Shell LiveWIRE.

3.Smarter mobility solutions

    • The Challenge: A rapidly growing urban population will make our cities, public transport networks, roads, ports and airports busier than ever. It is predicted the number of cars on our road will triple to 2 billion by 2050. The big challenge is to reduce the environmental impact that all this extra movement will create.
    • Shell LiveWIRE supports young entrepreneurs that help transport more people and goods safely, cost-effectively, efficiently and with a reduced impact on the environment.
    • Applicants could range from entrepreneurs who have created a renewable powered drone which delivers your online shopping, a next generation GPS system for trucks to manage congestion on the roads or an app that facilitates multimodal travel by interlinking public transport and bike and car sharing to get commuters to their destination.
    • One of our previous Shell LiveWIRE winners includes bio-bean, a start-up which developed a scientific process to recycle waste coffee grounds into biodiesel.

4.Smarter Cities solutions

      • The Challenge: The world’s cities already contribute 70% of global carbon emissions, but the number of people living in cities is predicted to grow from 3.5 billion to 6 billion by 2050.
      • Shell LiveWIRE wants to hear about new business ideas that will help to make UK urban environments cleaner and more sustainable places to work and live in.
      • You might be an entrepreneur who has developed an ultra-lightweight solar technology that can be used in place of office windows, an urban farming company that creates vegetable patches in unused city spaces from balconies to office rooftops or perhaps a paving technique to incorporate solar powered lighting into cycle and foot paths, saving space energy and the cost of installed lighting.
      • A revolutionary start-up which Shell LiveWIRE continues to support is Pavegen, a company which invented flooring technology that converts kinetic energy from human footsteps into electricity that power lights.

The £5,000 award funding is intended to help you take your business idea to the next level. To that end, there are certain items that you may not use the funding to purchase. These are (but not limited to): a new laptop/PC or new equipment/capital items (unless for a specific purpose directly related to the business), your rent, wages/staff costs and stock.


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Awards 2017 

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