Singularity University Impact Fellowship 2016 for Change Makers.

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Application Deadline: July 15th 2016

In an age of extraordinary innovation, we find the best solutions to humanity’s biggest challenges when everyone contributes. Together, we can unlock our creative potential to innovate solutions to these Global Grand Challenges.

At Singularity University, we convene an inclusive and collaborative community of inspired solvers, innovators, and changemakers — from around the globe and across all borders — who are equipped to tackle these problems using exponentially advancing technologies.

Impact Fellows are poised to make history.

In a one-year fellowship: First, you will explore how to drive social impact by engaging the exponential technologies that will shape our future. Then, you will leverage those transformational tools, ideas, and connections to inspire and activate your local community and the broader SU community. Throughout the fellowship, you will bring new perspectives to the conversation.


Singularity University are seeking visionary leaders who want to use exponentially advancing technologies to transform people, organizations, and the world. These change agents are working on solving what its call Global Grand Challenges (GGCs).

Future Impact Fellows are:

  • Social impact rockstars in nonprofits, NGOs, or government agencies
  • Champions for diversity, equity, and inclusion in technology, innovation, and business
  • Citizens of communities around the world, especially those in developing or emerging markets
  • Tech-domain experts and innovation leaders focused on social impact
  • Academic leaders training the next generation in technology and entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurs and investors working on addressing GGCs with cutting-edge tech and innovation

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Singularity University Impact Fellowship 2016

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