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STL-MISTI China Socially Responsible Real Estate Entrepreneurship Summer Workshop 2017

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Application Deadline: December 15, 2016

The STL-MISTI China Socially Responsible Real Estate Entrepreneurship Summer Workshop is a collaboration between

In the summer of 2017, a group of selected MIT student fellows will form a teaching team to run a series of Summer Workshops for Chinese university students and youth. Hosted by Chongqing University and Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST), the main objective of the workshops is to engage MIT and Chinese students on topics of socially responsible real estate entrepreneurship and urban development.

Furthermore, a variety of innovative teaching tools developed by the STL Lab (e.g. online courses, games, and case studies) will be utilized during the workshop to experiment with blended learning, a non-traditional pedagogical strategy. Fellows will also make connections with local developers, planners, scholars, entrepreneurs and study local real estate cases. Each university workshop will run for two weeks. In Qingdao, the STL Lab will pilot a one-week workshop for high school students.

The 2017 STL-MISTI Summer Fellows cohort will be a team of 4-5 MIT students from a variety of backgrounds. Preference will be given to those with interest and experience with planning, real estate, and/or China. As a part of the fellowship:

  • Fellows will receive $8,000, and will have lodging & lunch expenses paid for while the summer workshops are in session.
  • Fellows will gain exposure to local developers, government officials, scholars, and entrepreneurs as part of the Workshop.
  • Fellows will participate in 3 summer workshops, one hosted at Chongqing and two hosted at Qingdao, There will be two university workshops lasting two weeks and one high school workshop lasting one week. In total, the duration of time that Fellows are required to devote to the workshops is FIVE weeks in the summer of 2017.
  • Preparation for the Summer Workshops will begin in February 2017. Approximately 40 hours’ work would be expected during curriculum development. This includes working with the STL Lab and other Fellows on the course syllabus, attending training sessions with MISTI-China and the STL Lab, and identifying local case studies to be included in the workshop.
  • Provide brief report about the summer workshop after the completion of the workshop.
  • Take one of two STLx MOOC courses during the spring semester of 2017. Below are the course details:
    • 11.483  Land and Housing Policies in Rapidly Urbanization Regions (by Yu-Hung Hong) 12 credits
    • STL.162  Social and Environmental Impacts Assessment: the Key to Socially responsible Real Estate Development (by Larry Susskind) 6 credits

The application for 2017 STL-MISTI Summer Fellows will include:

  • A one-page letter of motivation,
  • Resume or CV,
  • MIT transcript,
  • MIT faculty letter of recommendation.

with a preference for those with interest in and experience with planning, real estate, and/or China.

Applications are due December 15, 2016, with interviews to follow.

Application link:

Please email for more information about the STL-MISTI Summer Fellowship.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the STL-MISTI China Socially Responsible Real Estate Entrepreneurship Summer Workshop 2017

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