Call for Applications

Isle of Wight Council Sustainable Transport Innovation Grant Fund

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Application Deadline – Sunday 17th June 2018

Isle of Wight Council has secured £1.35m funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) Access Fund for Sustainable Travel (the Access Fund) to deliver a series of sustainable transport projects and interventions between 2017 and 2020. The funding builds upon previous DfT investment on the Island through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (2012-2016) and the Sustainable Travel Transition Year (16/17) programmes.

The key focus of the sustainable transport investment is to achieve targeted levels of travel behaviour change amongst residents accessing employment, skills, training and education, and to inspire more sustainable visitor travel.


As set out in the application, Isle of Wight Council is investing in innovative travel grants with £27,100 available in 2018/19. The purpose of the grant is to support organisations which seek to deliver their own projects which
contribute to the continued growth of active and sustainable transport on the Isle of Wight. Organisations are invited to bid for a maximum of £10,000 per application for projects which:

  • Support the Isle of Wight Council Access Fund objectives;
  • Unlock potential for increased active and sustainable transport on the Island;
  • Embrace innovation; proposals which seek to develop a new concept or idea are likely to be
    weighted above those which expand an existing initiative;
    Please note that:
  • The type of funding available through this competition is revenue funding. No capital funding is
  • Applicants are expected to contribute 100% match funding to the overall project costs. Match
    funding can be capital or revenue funding, and can include monetised ‘in kind’ support.
  • This Sustainable Transport Innovation Fund is separate to the Customer and Communities
    Improvement Fund (CCIF) managed by South Western Railway. The CCIF will reopen for
    applications in summer 2018

How to Apply

The application requires the completion of an online application form, available on the Isle of Wight
Council website. Accessible via this link below:

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Isle of Wight Council Sustainable Transport Innovation Grant Fund


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