Application Deadline: July 15

The German non-profit organization IJP (International Journalists’ Programmes) would like to announce its second special fellowship for journalists interested in reporting in the field of climate and energy.

The bursary offers this opportunity for up to ten journalists from Germany, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania with a passion for climate and energy topics.

Journalists, who are granted the climate & energy bursary, will receive a deeper and more detailed insight into the field and get the opportunity to work and specialize topically and internationally alike. They are also welcome to pursue transnational research on a common topic during their fellowship.

Journalists from Germany, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania can apply for this exchange program.

The International Journalists’ Programmes (IJP) offers a fellowship for journalists interested in reporting in the field of climate and energy. The program will take place between October and December.

After attending an introductory conference, selected journalists from Germany will work for six to eight weeks at one of IJP’s partner media organizations and report for their own countries, while journalists from those countries will spend their time in a media in Germany. 

Each participant will receive EUR3,800, which is expected to cover most travel, accommodation and living expenses.

For more Information and application details :

Visit IJnet Fellowship for Journalists website

The aim is to provide interns with an opportunity to experience working in an international environment and enhance their educational experience through practical work assignments. On the other side interns provide the Centre access to the latest theoretical and technical knowledge. Internship at the Centre helps both sides to expand the understanding of cyber defence and widening the network of professionals.

Currently there are three internship opportunities:

– Education and training – Profile – last day for applications 21st of June 2015

– Smartphone forensics – Profile – last day for applications 28th of June 2015

– Penetration testing – Profile – last day for applications 09th of August 2015

1. Duration of the internship
a. one to two months;
b. a full-time assignment.

2. Eligibility criteria
a. Candidates need to have higher education or enrolled in a graduate school degree program (second university degree or higher) at the time of the desired internship period;
b. Proficiency in English is essential;
c. National of a NATO member country. Exceptions to this criterion will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Centre’s Directorate.

3. Conditions of the internship
a. The Centre is not financially responsible for the interns. Costs and arrangements for travel and visas are the responsibilities of interns or their sponsoring institutions;
b. Interns will not get paid but the Centre will reimburse certain accommodation costs up to a fixed sum;
c. Lunch will be provided by the Centre. In case if canteen is closed, meals will be the responsibility of the intern without reimbursement;
d. The Centre accepts no responsibility for the medical insurance of the intern or costs arising from accidents or illness incurred during an internship.

4. Administrative formalities for Estonian Authorities
a. Interns will be individually responsible for carrying out all administrative formalities requested by the Estonian Authorities concerning their legal status during their period of residence in Estonia;
b. A letter stating the purpose of the stay in Estonia will be provided for those who are required to apply for an Estonian visa.

How to apply:

Do you have necessary qualifications?

Please forward your application, CV, motivation letter up to 500 words to the Centre, preferably by e-mail (ccdcoe-at-ccdcoe.org). Applications may also be faxed to +372 717 6808 or mailed to the following address:

NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence
Filtri tee 12
10132 Tallinn, Estonia


Application Deadline: November 30 2014

Would you like to challenge yourself and win great prizes? Do you fancy a break in your dream city in Europe?

If so, then why not participate in the 2014 Europass Viral Video Competition?

The aim of Europass Viral video competition is to create a short film (viral video) highlighting the benefits of
Europass. You can choose any style: documentary, drama, comedy let your imagination run free.

A viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through websites and email. Humour is often a characteristic of viral videos, but not a defining one. A viral video is any video that’s passed electronically, from person to person, regardless of its content.
Any media can be used: illustration, animation, live action… Anything you can think of. A link to Europass can be obscure: the key to a successful video is that it is memorable and striking
enough to make people want to share it to their friends.


Any citizen over 18 years old residing in one of the participating countries:
Austria, Belgium (Flemish Community and French Community),Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic,
Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg,Norway,Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Technical specifications of the video

Maximum file size: 100mb
Maximum duration: 180 seconds
Minimum resolution: 320×240 pixels
Recommended format: MPEG- 4 format at 640×480 resolution with MP3 audio (MPEG, 3GPP,MOV, AVI, WMV and FLV formats will also be accepted)

How to participate?

  1. Download the Guidelines to participants, and the Terms and conditions of participation and read them carefully.
  2. Produce a short video (up to 180 seconds) promoting the benefits of the Europass initiative.
  3. Fill in the competition’s application form until 30.11.2014, 24:00 GMT.


1st prize: a trip to your dream city in Europe (European Union, EEA or EU candidate countries)

2nd prize: a 1000 € shopping voucher

3rd prize: a 500 € shopping voucher

Competition will be open from 01.09.2014 to 30.11.2014, 24:00 (GMT).
Mandatory elements
The video must display the Europass logo and the URL of the Europass web portal(http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu)
at some point

Visit the Official Webpage of the Europass Viral Video Competition