National Geographic Labs Fellows program


Application Deadline- May 14, 2018 5pm EST

The goal of the National Geographic fellowship program is to identify and support passionate, inspirational leaders from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences who are working to secure a shared vision of a planet in balance. Our aim is to empower and elevate individuals who have demonstrated leadership and excellence and provide them an opportunity to develop and/or lead an impact-driven project that is strategically aligned with National Geographic Society priorities. The program also offers an important platform for these inspirational individuals to communicate about their work, its contribution to the Society’s purpose, and its longer-term impact on achieving the vision of a sustainable future.


The National Geographic Labs Fellows program allows for flexibility. Fellows can be located anywhere, but are expected to contribute approximately 20 percent of their time to National Geographic Labs.

The fellowship offers a stipend that varies based on level of experience, agreed-upon deliverables, and overall time commitment. It also covers travel expenses for approved fellowship-related activities.

Additionally, the fellowship will require you to spend three to five days over the course of the year representing National Geographic to donors, the public, or staff, or in a mentorship role.

How to Apply:

Applications for the Labs Fellowships are accepted through an online application process. They do not accept mailed or emailed applications. All application materials must be in English.

To prepare your proposal, you will need:

  • a curriculum vitae and link to your portfolio/website

  • a one-to-two-page description of what you would like to work on during your fellowship as it relates to the activities listed above

  • three references

  • a short 1-2 minute video, describing us who you are, what you seek to achieve through the Fellowship and how you will uniquely contribute to the Society’s strategic vision of attaining a planet in balance

The National Geographic Society is committed to bringing diverse perspectives and experiences to the field through the people the fund and the projects they support. They encourage candidates from communities that are underrepresented in the technology field to apply.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the National Geographic Labs Fellowship 2018