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Taipei International Design Award 2018

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Application Deadline- July 25th, 2018

Taipei City Government organizes the Taipei International Design Award in the ethos of “Design for Adaptive City”, as an on-going gesture to the world, particularly to those with a passion for creativeness and design, a gesture in projecting the urban branding imagery of “Design Taipei; Dream Taipei. Here is an open call for outstanding international designs and an effort to shape Taipei into a convergence platform for creative designs, thereby to discover creative designs with business potential, and further still, to encourage practices of social design in an advocacy that design as a medium can bring humans a better, more pleasant and convenient life.

Entries are grouped into three main categories: Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design and Public Space Design.

  1. Industrial Design
    Industrial design refers to design works that can be mass-produced, including general and digital application, transportation tools, equipment and instruments, daily utilities and household goods, IT and home appliances, etc.
  2. Visual Communication Design
    Visual communication includes designs of digital graphics creations, identity, posters, packaging and printing (including digital printing) etc.
  3. Public Space Design
    Open space provided for public use, government buildings and certain private establishments.


  • Everyone around the world is welcomed to participate individually or as a group (each group is limited to five members) with one member as the main correspondent;
  • Entries must be original creations of the contestants

How to Apply:

Registration: all registration must be performed online.

  • Entrants please proceed to our official website ( to obtain personal account. After completing on-line registration, you will receive an automatic email of ‘Account Confirmed Notification’. To ensure safe email delivery, please enter into the registration form your email address that is in active use which will receive competition-related information from the event execution body.
  • After obtaining the account, entrants can sign on and upload files before the registration deadline. All files should come in the formats of jpg, png, bmp, under 3MB in size and 1190 x 840 pixels in resolution. Please make sure that all entries should not be marked with creators, authors or companies’ names or other symbols/codes that will impair the selection fairness; violation will lead to disqualification from the competition.
  • After entrants uploading their entries in electronic files, along with design concept description and agreement of “Intellectual property Rights Disclaimer”, the registration procedure is thus completed. The system will send an automatic email of ‘Registration Confirmed Notification’ to the entrant’s email address.
  • Preliminary Selection:
    In order to reduce waste caused by printing or mailing the entries, reception of entries and the preliminary selection will be conducted via our electronic platform. Contestants do not need to submit physical sketch boards.
  • Final Selection:
    Judging will be performed by reviewing the actual works.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Taipei International Design Award 2018

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