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Tandem Europe 2017– Social Innovation for Civil society organisations in Europe.

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Tandem Europe – Social Innovation is a cross-border learning and doing programme. During their Tandem year, cultural-social initiators from all over Europe kick-start long-term collaboration with a partner from abroad. Together, they design and test new ideas by realising a pilot project for their own local environment. Tandem offers the space to develop real and meaningful visions by prototyping project ideas and building on new cross-border working relations. It establishes peer-to-peer contacts that are based on mutual societal concerns or cultural and artistic interests.

Tandem participants share their enthusiasm for creative discovery across European borders, cultures, sectors and artistic disciplines and embrace the joy of making new things happen together. They join a growing community of cultural-social innovators who are deeply engaged in shaping a common European future, both transnationally and bottom-up.

Up to 40 applicants will be invited to the Tandem Europe Partner Forum where they find many networking opportunities and most importantly – their potential Tandem partner. They apply together for the full program with a specific collaboration plan and idea. 12 Tandems are then selected to become part of the Tandem family – benefitting from a broad international network, a placement opportunity in their Tandem-partner city, and financial and mentoring support to prototype their idea and establish a mutually beneficial partnership.


  • Civil society organisations, public institutions, non-profit initiatives and social enterprises that are engaged with cultural questions and innovation in their societies and are based in one of the 28 EU member states or in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, FYROM, Switzerland, Norway or Iceland.

Program Details:

  • For one year, 24 cultural organisations and creative initiatives from all 28 EU member states, as well as the Western Balkans, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland, will form 12 cross-border collaborative Tandems. In October 2017, up to 40 project managers and/or creative project coordinators will join the Tandem Partner Forum where they can form a European partnership with another Tandem candidate organisation of their choice. After the Partner Forum, a jury will select the 12 most promising Tandem proposals for participation in the main programme phase.
  • Throughout the following year, selected participants realise a 2-week work placement at their new Tandem partner organisation. During their vocational visit, Tandem participants become directly involved with their partners’ organisational working environment and get hands-on insights into local socio-economic and cultural realities.
  • Spending two mutual placement weeks together on site will provide participants with the necessary shared working time for co-designing, testing and realising their pilot collaboration initiatives. Each Tandem will receive modest start-up funding (€ 5000) for bringing their cultural innovation idea to life. Outcomes are showcased locally and in the framework of a public presentation organised by Tandem at the end of the programme.


– participation in a partner forum with up to 40 cultural organisations from all over Europe (one applicant per organisation for the whole meeting, plus one colleague for the last two days of the meeting)

– 2 weeks abroad during a vocational placement at a new partner organisation

– 3 group meetings including peer-to-peer learning sessions, and workshops with experienced trainers on social innovation

– reimbursement of travel costs and living expenses during project events and placements

– € 5000 start-up funding for testing a shared pilot collaboration idea

– expert-facilitated mentoring of pilot collaboration initiatives from inception to completion

– a public showcase event to present the outcomes of all pilot collaboration initiatives

– small-scale follow-up support to scale-up pilot ideas towards broader impact

– access to a growing alumni network of cultural initiatives in more than 200 cities across Europe and its neighbourhood

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Tandem Europe 2017– Social Innovation  for Civil society organisations in Europe.

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