Teach For Malaysia Fellowship 2018/2019 Leadership Development Programme for young Malaysian

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Application Deadline: November 30th 2017

The Fellowship is an award-winning Leadership Development Programme with a heart.

Eligibility Requirements:

Join a global community of leaders on a 2-year quest to transform underprivileged communities through education.

Fresh graduates and working professionals are welcome to apply.
To be eligible for consideration, applicants must:

• Be a Malaysian citizen
• Be aged 32 years or younger
• Possess a minimum grade of credit in SPM Bahasa Melayu
• Hold a Bachelor’s degree in any non-education discipline
• Not possess an Education Qualification to teach in public schools
• Have a strong academic track record (Minimum CGPA of 3.0 / 2nd Class Upper or equivalent


  • Fellows will receive a full-time teacher’s salary that is competitive with entry-level positions in other companies.

Fellows will teach full-time in schools where local communities face different challenges. A Fellow’s key role is to significantly raise the academic achievement, aspirations and outcomes of their students by:
• Challenging students to set high goals and commit to achieving them
• Creating effective instructional plans to match students’ needs
• Delivering instructions in a clear, compelling and engaging manner
• Carrying out and analysing assessments to monitor students’ progress
• Getting to know their students to cultivate a culture of mutual friendship, trust and respect
• Going above and beyond to empower students to shape their own future
• Using creativity and initiative to build new learning opportunities
• Collaborating with other teachers, school leaders and community members
Fellows will have the opportunity run an initiative during their second year of the Fellowship. To do this effectively, Fellows will:
•Research and design a project plan
•Speak to and network with students, their families, teachers, school and community leaders to get them invested in the project
•Fundraise and amass the resources necessary to implement the project
•Apply effective project management during implementation
•Troubleshoot and work through any challenges in its execution phase

The Application Process

The process from your initial online application until your assessment centre should take between 6-7 weeks.  Your progression through the next stages is dependent on the time of year.

1. Online Application

Fill in the form and submit your resume along with a few personal reflections.

2. Phone Interview

Let us get to know you better through a conversation with one of our interviewers.

3. Assessment Centre

Prepare and teach a sample lesson to a mock class, participate in a group discussion and attend a one-on-one interview.

Ujian Kelayakan Calon Guru (UKCG)

Conducted by the Ministry of Education. Shortlisted candidates must be in Malaysia to sit for this exam. This takes place from February onwards.

5. Rancangan Orientasi Sekolah (ROS)

Candidates shadow a Fellow for a week to gain practical experience and insight into classroom learning. This takes place during May-September.

6. Pre-Service Programme (PSP)

Candidates attend a residential training institute to develop core leadership, hone teaching skills and prepare for the Fellowship. This takes place from late October until December.

E-Mail: recruitment@teachformalaysia.org

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Teach For Malaysia Fellowship 2018

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