The Economist Nico Colchester Journalism Fellowships 2019 for young Europeans

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THIS YEAR will see the five-yearly elections to the European Parliament in May. They will be followed by a wholesale shake-up in the leadership of the European Commission, the European Council and the European Central Bank. A mood of angry discontent among many voters, fears of another slowdown in the euro-zone economy and continuing success for populist parties in many countries are combining to create deep concerns about the likely outcomes.

Support for the European Union is in most countries higher than it has been for many years, yet the popularity of political leaders such as France’s Emmanuel Macron and Germany’s Angela Merkel has slipped, while Britain’s Theresa May is preoccupied with delivering Brexit. There are also continuing doubts about the state of democracy in several countries in central and eastern Europe. All this would certainly have given Nico Colchester, one of the finest reporters on European affairs of his generation, plenty to write about in his original and inimitable way, which included such ideas as a Mars Bar index and the division of countries and their leaders into the “crunchy” and the “soggy”.

In yet another momentous year for the European Union, here is your chance to emulate Nico’s successful career by launching yourself into the world of journalism at two of the world’s most global and well-respected news organisations.

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